YouTube Features, Tricks, and Tips you are Dying to Know

YouTube Features, Tricks, and Tips you are Dying to Know

YouTube Features, Tricks, and Tips you are Dying to Know

YouTube is referred to as the most successful streaming platform for a variety of reasons. For instance, the platform boasts a massive user base, i.e., the platform has over 2.5 billion users globally. Moreover, besides hosting tons of videos from different creators and companies, the platform also houses millions of songs from different singers and musical artists from all around the globe. According to Musically, YouTube is the biggest music streaming service in the world.

Furthermore, the streaming platform is the perfect outlet for creators to showcase their talents and earn a living. The majority of the masses use the platform to merely stream videos, primarily because they do not know about the platform’s true offerings. To ensure that users have an out-of-the-world experience when using YouTube, this article will highlight some of the most useful YouTube features, tricks, and tips, following which users can truly utilize the platform’s offerings. Let us get started:

  • Save Videos to Watch Later

YouTube houses millions of videos on its platforms, and most users are subscribed to numerous creators. Hence, it is not possible for individuals to watch every video they like instantly. Thankfully, YouTube offers users a handy “Save” option to ensure they do not miss out on any video they want to watch. As the name suggests, the feature allows users to mark a video and save it in a separate folder called “Watch Later.” Users can also choose to save the video in a different folder.

Once the video is saved, users can navigate to the folder where they have saved the video and watch it whenever they have time. It is a great feature that significantly benefits avid YouTube users who have a tight schedule. 4

  • Enable the Restricted Mode

YouTube features all sorts of videos, including the ones which are not suitable for children to watch. To ensure that young users do not come across explicit content on their YouTube feed, the platform offers a handy functionality called the “Restricted Mode.” This feature significantly benefits parents who wish to have control over the content their children consume on the platform.

To turn on the Restricted Mode, all a user needs to do is visit the YouTube platform using their browser, click on their profile picture, navigate to the Account tab present in the Settings section and enable Restricted Mode. 

However, there are instances when the YouTube app or website gets stuck in the age-restricted mode. If you are someone who is facing the issue and wish to solve the “YouTube stuck on Restricted Mode” issue, worry not, because there are numerous ways following which you can easily do so. For starters, you can easily do it by navigating to the YouTube website using your web browser and toggling the “Activate Restricted Mode” option. If this does not work, you could also try disabling browser plug-ins or clearing the browser’s cache to resolve the issue. 

  • Download YouTube Videos

Many times, users do not have access to a WiFi or cellular network connection. In such cases, it becomes impossible for them to watch YouTube videos since it requires an active Internet connection. However, there are numerous ways following which users can save videos for offline viewing by downloading them. For instance, users can opt to purchase YouTube’s Premium membership, The Premium membership offers many perks to users, including an ad-free watching experience, access to YouTube Music, and most importantly, the feature to download and save videos for watching them later. 

However, most users do not wish to invest in Premium membership. However, this does not mean they cannot watch YouTube videos offline. There are numerous methods following which they can download videos from YouTube and save it locally on their device to watch later, without needing an Internet connection. All major platforms, including macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android, support third-party downloader applications that allow users to conveniently download any video on the YouTube website and save it locally.

The majority of third-party applications are free. However, they feature advertisements which may be a deal breaker for some individuals. Besides this, users can also use online platforms like VidToMP3, which offer users the option to download YouTube videos for free

  • Live Stream Videos

Even though most people know about YouTube’s video streaming feature, there are many users who are oblivious to the fact that YouTube offers users the option to hold video streams and interact with a live audience. Although starting a stream is not a very easy task, users can easily learn about streaming on YouTube by referring to online guides or watching video tutorials. Live streaming is an effective way following which aspirational creators who wish to build an audience can interact with their channel’s subscribers. 

If you love using YouTube, follow the aforementioned tips to enhance your YouTube-watching experience.

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YouTube Features, Tricks, and Tips you are Dying to Know