Why Did Lucy Gray Leave Snow In The Hunger Games?

Why Did Lucy Gray Leave Snow In The Hunger Games?

Rachel Zegler’s The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is finally here, with an unclear finale for her character, Lucy Gray.

The character is mentioned in the original trilogy but is more of a legend. Even though Lucy won the 10th Hunger Games, the records of it were destroyed.

And it’s all because her tutor, Coriolanus Snow, helped her cheat. So, why did she eventually abandon him? And, maybe most importantly, is she still alive?

Coriolanus Snow told Lucy Gray Baird he had murdered 3 people. Billy Taupe and Mayfair were mentioned, but not the third. Lucy also witnessed the weapons Snow used to murder people in a cabin. She knew she was the only person to whom he had admitted. So she gave him an excuse. And she ends up!

Why Did Lucy Gray Leave Snow In The Hunger Games?

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes takes place 64 years before the events of the first Hunger Games trilogy. Before Katniss Everdeen, Lucy Gray Baird was the tribute for the impoverished District 12.

She won the 10th Hunger Games thanks to the assistance of her tutor, Coriolanus Snow. We learn about Coriolanus Snow before he becomes Panem’s tyrant in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

When it is revealed that Coriolanus assisted Lucy in her Hunger Games cheating, all event records are erased from history. Snow is then assigned to the Peacekeepers, but he demands that he be assigned to District 12 to be with Lucy.

They quickly fall in love and decide to go to the north together.

Coriolanus Snow, on the other hand, revealed that he murdered three people: Billy Taupe, the Hunger Games tribute; Mayfair, the mayor’s daughter; and his buddy Sejanus Plinth, a rebel sympathizer.

However, Coriolanus does not reveal the identity of the third person, instead stating that he killed his former self. Lucy is already wary and distant after hearing this. Snow discovers the weapon he used to murder Mayfair Lipp when they arrive at a cabin by a lake in District 12.

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Lucy realizes that Snow can easily destroy the guns he used to perform the atrocities, leaving no trace of him behind. She is also aware that he has confessed to her his crime, making her a vital witness who can bring him down.

Lucy then informs Coriolanus that she is going to get some Katniss. When she does not return, Snow searches for her. He also has his rifle with him.

He discovers the orange scarf he gave her along the road. A snake then bites him. He shoots into the trees out of rage and frustration. Lucy screams, and it seems like at least one bullet has hit her.

However, he is unable to locate her in the location where he believes she is. However, he eventually hears her sing “The Hanging Tree.” The Mockingjays then continue the song. Lucy is never seen again.

Snow remembered pleasant times with her throughout his life, but he despised how weak and vulnerable she made him. After all, it was at that moment of love and trust that he revealed his misdeeds.

Why Did Lucy Gray Try to Kill Snow?

Lucy tries to flee Snow during a thunderstorm after learning that he was responsible for the death of Sejanus Plinth during their travels, but he shoots her.

Lucy is shown falling and yelling in the story, but her body is never found, and her tracks vanish. Snow overhears Lucy singing “The Hanging Tree,” although it’s unclear whether she was deliberately singing or influenced by surrounding Jabberjays.

Is Lucy Gray Alive In The End?

Lucy Gray’s destiny is purposefully left uncertain at the end. The final scene of Suzanne Collins’s book is the same. However, her song “The Hanging Tree” becomes the actual ballad of the songbirds and snakes at the film’s end. They both rebel and protect her.

There are other theories as to what happened to her. Many believe she died and is now merely a spirit or local folklore that people occasionally see.’ Some say she did survive and is Katniss Everdeen’s grandma.

However, this has not been confirmed conclusively. If there is a sequel to the film, we might find out exactly what happened to Lucy.