What should Pay Attention to Self-learning for CCNP Exam?

What should Pay Attention to Self-learning for CCNP Exam?

What is the CCNP exam? The CCNP certification exam contains 3 test subjects. Take the CCNP routing exchange direction exam as example, the data communication direction are: 300-101 routing subjects, 300-115 switch subjects, 300-135 troubleshooting subjects, namely ROUTE , SWITCH, TSHOOT, the time for each exam is 120 minutes, the cost for each exam is US dollars 300, and there are 91-130 questions in total.

The full score of the three tests is 1000 points, and the PASS score is 790 points for each subject. The CCNP certificate can only be obtained after passing all the exams This website

However, the CCNP certificate is not permanently valid. The CCNP certificate is valid for 3 years, but re-certification can be carried out. For re-certification, you must pass any one of the three subjects in the CCNP level examination within the validity period of the certificate CCNP certificate, or pass the existing CCIE written exam. And pay attention to the CCNA certificate must not expire!

Can you study CCNP by yourself? Although there are many subjects in the CCNP exam, they are all theory exams, and there is no LAB exam. For theoretical exams, there is a question bank service, which makes it easier to obtain CCNP certificates, and the number of people who have passed them is currently high. Compared with CCIE expert-level certification, the gold content of CCNP is much worse. However, compared with CCNA, the gold content and the difficulty of the exam have been improved.

It will take a lot of time and energy to pass CCNP by simply relying on self-study for CCNP, so we generally do not recommend candidates to self-study.

Self-taught to do-

1. Correct mentality First of all, you must be clear about what your purpose of learning CCNP is. If you are a college student or a graduate who is looking for a good job, in order to learn more useful knowledge and skills, find a good job to testify. Then you should give top priority to mastering solid basic theory and proficient basic experimental operations. Don’t stick to every knowledge point.

A lot of knowledge is not achieved overnight, it takes time to run in. If you are already an office worker, the purpose is to prove your professionalism in this area through certification and have a better development platform, then you should focus on the in-depth theory and experimental in-depth study. If you are a cross-industry job-hopping family, then you should understand the basics as well as a student.

What should Pay Attention to Self-learning for CCNP Exam?

2. It is best to read the textbook several times to thoroughly understand the syllabus. The key point is to thoroughly understand the knowledge points of the book. For basic concepts and basic theories, you must learn to think. Important and difficult issues, be sure to take notes. In addition, it is also necessary to communicate with classmates. In the process of learning, you should often discuss experiments with other candidates and learn from each other.

3. Practical practice: The practice of experimental operation should follow the course closely and do it carefully. Every time you finish a course, do the experiment immediately, don’t procrastinate.

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4. Do the question bank: Do the question bank seriously, and finally this is the time to grind the gun. The question bank is actually a good learning material, don’t take it as a simple reading material. The biggest difference between certification exams and college exams is the practicality of what you learn. Certification exams generally teach skills that will be used later in the job.

It is well mastered now, and the effect on future work is obvious. Therefore, for the question bank, every question should be thought through and turned over the book. If you can get 90% of the questions right by yourself, you will pass the theoretical exam.

5. Relax your mind. You have worked so hard. When you go to the exam room, just let go of the exam. You can definitely do it!

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What should Pay Attention to Self-learning for CCNP Exam?

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