What Is The Website Audit Checklist?

Website Audit Checklist

A website audit checklist is an advanced analysis of a page to check if it is optimized for search engines. Blogs and website owners complete this step to make the website rank higher in search engines.

A good audit will make your page appear on search engines like google and you will be able to cover more audiences with it.

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Whether you have just started your website or you have been around for a long time it is always a good idea to audit your website to make sure that it is performing as it should be.

Auditing your website could turn out to be a hard task but don’t worry, in this article we have tried to cover all the important steps that you need to take before launching your website.

7 Audit Checklist For Auditing Your Website

Configure Tags

HTML tags on your website show the search engine what the content is all about. The title tag is important since it tells about the relevance of the page and helps you find the right audience for you.

The page title coves the summary of your content that is posted on your website.

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The same is true for meta descriptions because they are a piece of the paragraph that covers a limited amount of useful information and to read more the user has to open the website to read it.

It is a good habit to write your meta descriptions is the range of 70 words to 300 words.

Optimize content

After the users clicked on your site the first paragraph will tell the user if the content is good for him or not.

If your article is better formatted and easy to understand the reader will not leave and try to read the whole thing.

Also, the content should be informative and to the point and it has to be related to your niche that your site is all about.

Keyword Density

You have to place your selected keyword in multiple places on your blog in such a way that it shouldn’t look like spam to search engines.

A single niche sight is easier to rank when compared to multi-niche sites on search engines because of there focused content on one topic.

Try to do full keyword research on your blog to find better and unique keywords that have a small amount of difficulty to rank.

It is ideal if you find a keyword that has both search volume and less competition. You can use multiple SEO tools for finding the required keyword and checking there search volume.

Images Alt attribute

Images are very important, they make the content more user friendly and easy to understand but search engines can’t see images so they try to understand the image from its Alt tag.

The Alt tag is like a description for search engines to understand the image and is it related to the blog or article.

Also, if the image can’t be loaded the browser will show the broken image tag and the content of the Alt of an image. It is also better for page readers to understand your image with the help of Alt attributes.

All the above Alt tags help search engines to better index your image on your website making your ranking higher in the process.

Mobile Friendly

More than half of the users of google use mobile instead of a computer to browse the web so your overall website must be mobile-friendly.

The reader shouldn’t have to zoom in and out to better see the content, everything should be compact and well placed on mobiles too.

A good looking sight leaves a great impression on the reader and he will likely return to read more.

Speed of Site

The speed of the site is an important aspect that you should check. If your site takes too long to load then your users will not wait and return to the search page.

This will affect your ranking seriously and ultimately you will be demoted from the search index.

To increase our speed of website use a cloud hosting and try to make a light weighted website with code since code is easy to load and you can customize it to the full extent.

A good tip will be that you use compressed images and that will significantly reduce the average load time of your website.

Providing Backlinks

Giving backlinks is important because search engines like google are trying to make there search content delivery to a targeted group of audience.

To make a trustworthy relationship you have to include third party quality backlinks from good sites that are related to your niche.

The reason backlinks are so important to your website’s ranking is that backlinks are one of the few things you have no control over on the internet.

To get on top you have to have quality links and third-party links that continuously provide you with traffic from other sights.

Having a variety of locales associated with your web page shows search engines that your content is important enough for different websites on their site to pay attention to you


The website audit checklist ensures that every corner of your website is optimized to attract not only website robots but online users as well. it is an important process that ensures you rank higher on search engine pages to get more traffic to there site and generate more revenue or sales from it. We have given you a website audit checklist that you can use to rank your websites.

Remember to follow every step and it is needless to say that if your competitors can rank on those pages you can too but you have to do a better job then them. The article will help you figure out where your website is missing in terms of SEO and give you a chance to fix it. We hope we have added great value to your search for a website audit checklist and you were able to find what you were looking for.

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