What is the Emergence manga?

What is the Emergence manga?

What is the Emergence manga?

Emergence, also known as 177013.

The simplest way to describe it is a hentai doujin on the site nhentai dot net, created by the artist Shindol. It’s risen to internet infamy for being depressing and cruel to the main character, Saki Yoshida. Even though there are many, much worse doujins out there, Emergence seems to have struck a chord with the internet.
Why? I don’t know exactly, but I can guess.

Most doujins are rather short, maybe 15 – 30 pages, but Emergence is 225 pages long. Throughout the whole thing, you kinda hope that she gets a break, gets help, gets better, but it just doesn’t happen.

It’s not fantasy (like demon r*pe, tentacle r*pe, monsters, etc.) and because of that it hits much closer to home. Of course, it is exaggerated in some areas, but overall it’s very real.

Going into 177013, I knew it was bad, but goddamn. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry a couple times.
Going forth, here are a few warnings.



Basically, Saki starts off a loner, looking like this.

She decides to get a makeover, because she wants to be cool. She wants to be liked again.

The result is this.

It’s a big change, the first part of her metamorphosis. She’s emerging.

On the weekend (I think?) she goes out to buy a fashion magazine. She ends up meeting Hayato, who flirts with her and succeeds, taking her to karaoke.

They end up doing more than just singing, and Hayato gives her some kind of pill to enhance pleasure. It works, and they go at it with Saki now drugged up. When they’re done, Hayato leaves Saki there, passed out and in a bit of a shameful state. He puts his number on her phone so he can “call her when he wants to play with her again.”.

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She gets up and leaves a while later, head still spinning. These kinds of ‘dates’ continue throughout their relationship.

What is the Emergence manga?

Later on, Saki’s friends tell her about a sort of gig, which is basically just paid dating.

She decides to try it out, but it doesn’t go as planned. She ends up getting pressed into sex, and someone finds her photos from the gig, blackmailing her into sexual services.
Her being ‘close’ with the boys pisses off her friends, and they decide to ‘do something about it.

Back at home, it’s discovered that Saki’s father has gotten ‘restructured’ from the company he works at. Saki offers to help, but he insists she has to focus on school.

But her mother on the other hand thinks it would be good for her to help, insisting that she’s a ‘grown-up woman’. After a few… suspicious panels, her dad decides to go out to buy cigarettes.

He comes back drunk, smelling like alcohol, and r*pes Saki. And then keeps on doing it.

One day, when Saki goes back to class, her desk is defiled, vandalized with some less than kind words from her now-former friends.

So she runs out of class, crying, and wanting to seek help from her mom.

But she doesn’t get it. She slaps Saki, suddenly hating her own daughter.

You see, Saki’s father confessed to fucking her. And instead of seeing the issue with him, she thought that Saki ‘seduced him’. So Saki packs up and leaves to go live with Hayato.

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Now this is where things start to take another downhill turn. Hayato has Saki try cocaine, and she discovers that he has an 8 million yen debt, which she decides she wants to help pay off.

But she doesn’t have a job, so she gets one. As a prostitute.

At this point, her looks change again.

It’s an even bigger change than the last one; more than just wearing makeup and letting her hair down.

And at this point, she discovers she’s gotten pregnant. She talks to Hayato about it, and he tells her to abort it. So she does.
With her next customer, she gets done a little late, so she goes to Mr. Obata’s coke shop, looking for Hayato. But he isn’t there.

What is the Emergence manga?

She ends up getting once again coerced into sex and more drugs, this time through a needle. During the sex, she passes out, and when she wakes up she’s in a dumpster.

Turns out she got robbed, and in desperation she goes back to Mr. Obata to try to get an advance on her quota. He has her ‘earn it with her body’, and gives her a choice between money and drugs.

Guess which one she took?

After this, she goes back home to Hayato. Angered at the fact she has drugs and no money, he throws her out of the house.

With nowhere to go, she stops for a hit and ends up getting fucked by two homeless men, who offer to pay her with ‘cold food and a cardboard bed’.

She passes out yet again, and the men bring her back to where they stay.

It turns out that Saki’s pregnant again, but this time she decides to keep it. She’s going to change in order to raise this baby.

Surprisingly, she does pretty alright for herself.
She’s saving up a lot of money, even though she still has her drug habits.

One day though, some people spot her putting her money away. Instead of just walking away, they press her about it.

And they end up coming to the conclusion that she’s a thief. She tries to run, but one of the guys pushes her down, and they take the money.

She tries to get them to give it back, saying it’s for her baby, but a girl starts kicking her, saying she’s garbage, that she’s filthy, etc.
This abuse continues, until they leave, saying it’ll be bad if they stick around considering how much she’s bleeding.

Saki tries to tell herself it’s okay, but it doesn’t work.

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She doesn’t know what to do.

So she kills herself.

Why is it called 177013?

It’s actually just like that, 177013 is actually a reference to an adult manga named Emergence (Metamorphosis). People call it 177013 as well because it comes on the 177013th page of a certain adult website(I shall not name) and this all became a thing in the Meme land of Reddit and then all the trolls too over.

How do you read the Emergence manga? Why do people get to manga?

Word of mouth. It’s pretty well-known in the communities and some pages of it are even used as a meme on the internet.

Most people call it a too close to reality version of a fictional story, which is depressing to read. The ambiguous ending in the manga makes us think of both scenarios and ultimately wish that the protagonist did get the happy ending shown in the last few scenes.

The story plays out like a downward spiral of circumstances in her life when all she wanted was to become beautiful, popular and desired among her peers instead of the shy, nerdy and quiet she is.

It takes a typical trope of a shoujo manga and shows us how horrible it can be when people start taking advantage of it. The phrase, “Beauty is a curse” is played out in this manga, and makes you feel bad for the horrible stuff she goes through.

What is the philosophy behind the Emergence manga?

From how I interpret the story, I can point out the following:

> Bad faith: According to Sartre, people are swayed by ‘Bad faith’, meaning they see their worth and identity as being determined by outside influence (people, society, etc.), deceiving them that they are defined existentially by their ‘being-in-itself’ (the objectified essence OR false image of themselves) and not by their ‘being-for itself’ (the consciousness of one’s existence and essence OR true image of themselves).

Suffering: In Buddhist context, the Four noble truths consist of the following: Dukkha (suffering), Samudaya (origin of suffering), Nirodha (end of suffering) and Magga (the path to enlightenment or ‘Nirvana’).

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> Social acceptance: People tend to search comfort in belongingness and connection and develop the fear of being socially rejected and avoid it as much as possible.

> I-Thou relationship: According to Martin Buber’s philosophy, the sphere of interhuman relationships is divided into the social and interhuman relationships, in which the former pertains to the extrinsic view of a life of a group of people bound together by common experiences, and the latter pertains to the intrinsic life between persons in an interpersonal level and dialogue. The interhuman is divided further into two experiences; ‘I-thou’ and ‘I-it’.

The ‘I-it’ relationship objectifies one’s partner or other member/s of a group (either as an instrument or means for personal gains), dehumanizing and recognizing them only as mere objects. On the other hand, the ‘I-thou’ relationship acknowledges the personhood of one’s partner or member/s of a group and are not recognized as ‘mere objects’.

Concept of ‘Dasein’: According to Heidegger, we as being of ‘dasein’ (existence) realize the purpose of our existence and strive to make a meaningful life out of the potentials and opportunities given to us.

It’s pretty much Kafka-esque, based on the transformation she undergoes.


NOTE: This is hentai by the way, I just noticed this was tagged as a Manga Recommendation so I won’t give a summary of the entire plot since I’m assuming the people following this want to read it for themselves.

Er… This is really weird, as I wasn’t even aware this manga existed until the beginning of this year and checked it out because of the meme, then I get this question a month later requesting my thoughts on it. I decided to give it a look because I figured memes over exaggerated how depressing it was, besides it’s hentai, what’s the worst that could happen?

This is not a story for the faint of heart. This is gritty and I believe the horror of the plot lines in how real people could go through this… Though I also saw people commenting on how the MC was an idiot at times, but she was also a kid and kids are known for making bad decisions, so…

Anyway, the basic story is about an introverted girl who has no friends, yet looks down on those who have them… She’s about to go into middle school and gets a makeover to try to get people to pay more attention to her.

It… Works. It works in the worst possible way. Long story short, it’s a story showing how a lonely girl goes from being better off by herself to trying to change herself and ending up with such a miserable life that it awakened my paternal instincts towards a fictional character.

And the ending was really depressing because I realized that real people probably go through similar things. Not revealing what the ending was, you can go read it for yourself as spoiling the ending seems counterproductive for recommending a manga.

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I subscribe to the headcanon that the JoJo meme ending is the canon one because I want it to be. Or that one extra page that was put in the re-released version because of supposed fan backlash at the original ending.

As an aside, the author mentioned on The Anime Man that he wrote this story because it appealed to him. I’d suggest watching the video if you want to see the man who created the story. Seems like a cool guy in all honesty, even if his content was very out there. I’d suggest watching the video to get his perspective on his work.


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