What is direct routing? Know the benefits

What is direct routing? Know the benefits

What is direct routing? Know the benefits

The Teams of Microsoft is one of the most successful and fastest-growing businesses in the world. They offer internal communication and meetings, app integrations, and also document management. 

With the capable staff of Microsoft, there has been another addition of new key technology to their success in helping the businesses that are direct routing. This direct routing for Microsoft Teams is really beneficial. What exactly is direct routing for Microsoft Teams, and what its benefits are will be discussed.

What is direct routing?

Direct routing is mainly the process of successfully routing the Microsoft Teams to the traditional phone network or also known as PSTN. Statistics reveal that the service is being actively used by 145 million users per day. 

Although this Team is mainly useful while working as a tool for the purpose of internal communications, Microsoft has successfully designed and developed a special way for the platform to work as a PBX or business phone system, which has become fully-fledged. There are mainly two methods of performing this.

What can you do with the Direct Routing

This direct routing can easily help you in connecting your Teams to a specific range of telephony providers. Meaning, this can allow you to take advantage of the required call rates within a much cheaper cost and also much better support with more flexibility.

Direct routing is also regarded as extremely useful and also attractive by a large number of businesses as through this, they can easily achieve the actual flexibility of selecting the telephony provider of their own. However, as this direct routing is done through the certified Microsoft Partners, thus requires integration with the platform of the Teams, which is properly verified.

What can you do with the help of Microsoft calling plan

Developed and maintained by the staff of Microsoft in the cloud, these special plans for calling can easily turn Teams into a light-touch hosted PBX that is integrated tightly with the remaining functionality of the Team. 

This option of direct routing for Microsoft Teams is quite expensive and is only available in a very small number of territories. Porting the numbers can also become a task that is both time-consuming and also confusing, with no availability of the contact, which is dedicated to offering help with the entire process.

The primary benefits of Direct routing for Microsoft Teams

Selecting the Direct Routing has some important benefits, such as:

You can choose your own provider

Direct routing is the process by which you can select your own third-party provider according to your choice to both host and manage the PBX. The scope of selecting the right provider can easily save you a large amount of both ongoing and upfront fees and thus gain a great amount of reliability and expertise. Having your own third-party provider helps you to have good control over the communications.

 The Unified Communications

Direct routing is the best option if you want unified communications. Through the process of direct routing, the platform of your Teams is converted into a much bigger business phone system with the capability of powerful unified communications.

By combining both the internal and external communications of your business into just a single system, which is tightly-knit, you need to create an easy-to-use platform that can have your calling, meetings, chats, and many more things in a single, convenient place.

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Porting the numbers

This is a very important step if you want to keep your phone numbers unchangeable, thus retaining your identity, and it is much easier through direct routing for Microsoft Teams.

Hence, direct routing for Microsoft Teams is a really important process if you want to run your business much smoother.

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