What is Daisy’s Destruction Snuff film’ urban legend actually 2024

What is Daisy's Destruction Snuff film' urban legend actually 2023

What is Daisy’s Destruction Snuff film’ urban legend actually 2024

Can you post the creepiest screenshot here of the deep web?

First of all, understand that the deep web is simply your email. Or any webpage inaccessible by conventional public search engines.

The dark webhowever, is what you may be asking for, correct?

The second creepiest site I have seen is this:

Not only was it creepy,

Daisy’s Destruction

Scully’s best-known crime is Daisy’s Destruction, a video he sells to his clients for up to $ 10,000. It was produced in 2012, and the multi-part film is so violent that internet users thought it was an urban legend. We see the torture and brutal rape of several girls by Scully and his accomplices from the Philippines; the three primary victims were Liza (12 years old), Cindy (11 years old), and a baby, Daisy (18 months).

At the instigation of Scully, the most severe physical violence is perpetrated on the children by one of his girlfriends, Liezyl Margallo, then aged 19, who had been a prostitute in her childhood. It would appear that this woman was the only person to torture and rape Daisy: the film’s introduction invites the viewer to watch Daisy’s “mental ruin” as she “learns to please her mistress.”

Scully produced Daisy’s Destruction with his company No Limits Fun and sold it to others on the dark web. Among those who acquired it was one of the largest providers of child pornography, Matthew David Graham. Arrested at 22, he ran a series of violent child pornography sites. Graham said he obtained the video to use it to attract more viewers to his network of websites.

or disgusting,

but upon entering, the images within this so-called handbook were soft, gentle, peaceful. Bright white background with innocent pictures of young children with its captions being the different headings of each sick article, its vile content protected by freedom of speech.

I’ve only seen it once, and that’s all it took, the ironic innocence of the main webpage of this book. It was back when I was immensely curious and decided that I wouldn’t be a true dark web explorer if I didn’t see everything the dark web had to offer.

The actual site itself is the creepiest, but I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to see it again.

Edit 2024–02–14

I discovered the dark web from the iconic dark web video game titled “Welcome To The Game” by Reflect Studios. Mind I tell you I was younger, very much a teen, learning of this new dimension under the clearnet to explore.

I dubbed myself a dark web explorer and wanted to find all the sites inspired by the sites from Welcome To The Game.

It has been several years since I’ve first ventured down, around 2016 when the game was released. I was inquisitive and spent hours looking for the worst that I could see, requesting links from every chatroom starting from Daniel’s Chat and all of Daniel’s links to satisfy my curiosity.

Best I stumbled upon a chatroom, Evil Chat. I have lost the connection since then but have no intention of returning after settling down idle chats. Evil Chat is highly inactive but didn’t clear the chatroom the first time I found it. I found the link to Topic Links 2.0, the hub of all pedophilia. You didn’t explicitly state it, but I knew exactly what it was with all the “CP” tags I saw beside chatrooms.

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What is Daisy’s Destruction Snuff film’ urban legend 2024

  • I didn’t bother clicking on any of the sites, but one, in particular, caught my eye.
  • Back to my original motive, I was a dark web explorer. The shock I received when I found the handbook in its original form made this the second creepiest screenshot.
  • It wasn’t because it was the worst I’ve seen,
  • It wasn’t because it was the “creepiest” anyone else has seen,
  • But only for me. It was the creepiest site because it was the only site I’ve seen from Welcome To The Game. In its own very sickening way, it was my own most remarkable achievement.

To add to the creepiness, in Welcome To The Game, you receive an automatic Game Over through a jumpscare from a Russian kidnapper if you hit enter. Little kid, I wouldn’t say I liked the idea that the real handbook might do the same.

What is Daisy's Destruction Snuff film' urban legend actually 2024

Welcome To The Game Wiki

I have since seen much, much worse, the real horrors you hear of on the dark web. Until recently, I stopped torturing myself by looking for the most “horrifying” or “creepiest” sites. Still, my hunger to find the original inspiration for those Welcome To The Game sites remained.

Has anyone ever seen Daisy’s Destruction?

Can you describe in detail the most disturbing video you’ve seen on the dark/deep web?

I imagine plenty of other people will know of or have seen this one.

It’s a Mexican narco video showing a guy who’s had his hands cut off, his eyes gouged out, and his face flayed off with a box cutter. The guys responsible are slopping around in his blood on the white tiled floor listening to ‘sweet child o mine and chatting as though what they’re doing is no big deal. The disturbing-est thing is that the poor guy is STILL CONSCIOUS and appears to have an IV in one arm,

most likely an infusion of methamphetamine to keep his blood pressure up, so he stays alive as long as possible. Some other guy has a pole or something stuck in the mutilated guy’s mouth, and I’m not sure why. Finally, the guy is beheaded with the box cutter, which is now blunt and useless.

What is Daisy’s Destruction Snuff film’ urban legend 2024

I’ve seen some pretty disturbing stuff in a similar vein, but even that one where two guys are beheaded, one with a chainsaw, from the front, while fully conscious, and the other with a knife, is like a Wiggles episode in comparison to the first one described. I’m led to believe there are worse ones, but to be worse than that, they’d have to be unbelievably hideous.

I also saw the video of a guy called Ken Pinyan being fucked to death by a stallion. Compared to the first one, that was as disturbing as a warm hug.

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I’m going to edit this after answering another question here: an older video and Mexican narco-, a beautiful girl of around 18-25, is stripped from the waist down and forced to kneel before being shot 4 or 5 times in the belly. After which, she sort of jerks and writhes around for a good minute, bleeding to death and crying. Un fucking pleasant.

There’s another one I found of a girl about to be gutted. No idea why, though. I decided not to post a photo from it.

Can you describe in detail the most disturbing video you’ve seen on the dark/deep web?

What are some pictures of onion websites (dark web) that you visited?

I just left the dark web. Best (I didn’t think to take my camera with me.)

I did snap a couple of screenshots of some new and unseen dark web content. Friends, I always try to grab a screenshot of new stuff because so much of the old stuff has been seen and seen, used, and reused repeatedly.

Here is a new website that I came across. The concept is not new, but the two brothers that run it seem like they are having fun parting users from their bitcoin.

To me, they seem to be thinking, “I know you know I’m going to scam you. I also know you are going to let me. You know it too, but let’s paste this veneer of responsibility for the whole thing to add legitimacy.”

Also, I don’t even know that they are brothers. Just the impression I got, for whatever it’s worth.

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What is Daisy’s Destruction Snuff film’ urban legend actually 2024

lol. Still makes me chuckle for some reason. George has got to be Vlads little brother. They sound like a couple of kids. Might be. Who knows?…It is the dark web. Nobody checks I.D. or validates parking.

The jobs offered are about the same as elsewhere. Except for that last one, and it sounds very sketchy to me.

I just don’t see George putting in an 8 hour day. 😉

I came across a new drug store. Or an old one that has been updated, probably when they were taken over by law enforcement.

Just sayin’.

Oh. Do you know anyone with deep pockets that feels like instantly becoming a U.S. Citizen?

Really? They assure me I won’t have any problems? What about the $1,000 US I just sent, never to be seen again?

That’s all for now. I will update as conditions warrant.

Do you have a full Daisy’s Destruction video?

What is Daisy’s Destruction?Originally Answered: What is Daisy’s destruction ?

I haven’t seen this video and not interested to watch but from many online sources, I came to know that it comes under child pornography and snuff video. As Eileen said, it is the collection of 3 videos in which two children plus one toddler got raped and sexually abuse by Australian psychopath Peter Scully.

One child was murdered during this video. Some people from many countries paid a hefty amount to criminals for watching this video. It was on hardcore also one of the deep web illegal websites.

The CEO of the website is already in jail. This is one of the darkest videos ever produced as Peter not only raped the child but he killed one of the girls by suffocating her just for the sake of the viewer. I was surfing one website and I was shocked as Link by the name “Daisy Destruction” is still there. I didn’t surf as watching videos will not gain anything and it is strictly illegal.

It means that video must be on many dark sites still out there. I will only request you to not watch this video. Here is the interview by 60 minutes AUS of Peter Scully. You will be able to understand more about this case.

How can we get the video of Daisy’s Destruction?

Is Daisy Destruction the worst video on the dark web?

First off I hope you didn’t watch it because it is a real set of videos of severe child abuse except for the death of that poor little girl. Second, I highly doubt that is the worst content you will see on the dark web.

If you are going to explore it d so e research on what to avoid first so you dot see stuff like that. I once made the mistake of watching that poor Jewish boy Josh Berg (I think his name was) getting beheaded by some Islamic radicals. I regret it to this day.

NOTE: This article is only for education Purpose only. We don’t support any type of destruction.

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