What does ‘poggers’ mean?

What does 'poggers' mean?

What does ‘poggers’ mean?

POGGERS is a variant of the original Twitch.tv emote called PogChamp. The word “poggers” is used to express excitement during a game when something exciting occurs. This can be used either seriously (in the case of a real death) or ironically (in the case of player in-game death).

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What does ‘poggers’ mean?

Poggers is a meme originating on twitch the video gaming streaming site. It first arose in the game fortnite, and now is commonly used in league of legends as well. But can be found in any twitch chat room for any game.

Derived from the racist cartoon figure “Pepe the frog” which is closely associated in pop culture with racist groups, specifically anti-black propaganda. It remained among the most popular emojis on twitch, which is the smirking face of Pepe the frog. There are many variations and offshoots of this meme such as “pepesmile” “pepehands” “pog” ect.

There has been a lot of debate about removing this, or making some sort of ban related to it, but as of yet this hasn’t taken place, twitch allows users to make their own emotes and icons, and this continues to be among the most used.

Although it is a direct use of a piece of racist propaganda/racist meme, it is t used with that as the intention, or intended meaning. In my opinion I doubt most people (twitches user base includes a huge number of “kids” (ages 5–17)) know that this is racist.

The meme “poggers” when used in a sentence, or more commonly, used in twitch chat by a viewer, means “nice” “cool” “good work” among others. If someone is preforming well. A viewer might say “poggers” to indicate that the broadcaster did something flashy or unique.

What is the meaning of the word “Poggers” and where did it come from?

Poggers – (adj.) descriptive of a scruffy, shabby, cheap or otherwise low quality person, place, or article; the quality of being scruffy, poor, substandard, or generally inferior.

NB – variant form ‘pogney’

believed to have originated in the Hull area (the loading dock area of the Mall). Did you see that?! Set my beer down for a second and that little scrote over there just nicked off with it. Proper poggers trick that.

Poggers is also an emote featuring the image of Pepe the Frog with a surprised and excited emotion similar to PogChamp. Like MonkaS, it is one of Twitch’s more popular emotes to feature Pepe.

Conversation Examples

Here are a few examples:

Example 1:

  • Gaming StreamerLive stream starts in 15 minutes. Check out my sick plays and the road to the finals. My goal is to get POG three times today.
  • Stream Watcher 1Yeah man, go get ’em!
  • Stream Watcher 2: Can’t way, gonna be #pogchamp for sure!

For example 1, we have a young lady who streams games online. She announces her stream will be starting soon and states that she hopes to get “POG” three times in the upcoming stream. Stream Watcher 2 replies with support by using #pogchamp to say that he thinks she will be able to get the play of the game and be a champion.

Example 2

  • Texter 1Did you see PrettyPoison’s stream yesterday? It was crazy! She barely took any damage.
  • Texter 2Yeah, she did pretty good, but I don’t think she was aggressive enough. I think she only waits around and jumps in at the last minute so she can get POG.
  • Texter 1Really?
  • Texter 2Yeah, she’s good, but not POG Champ material imo.

The next example shows a texting conversation between two friends. They both watched the previous streamer play in her previous stream. Texter 1 thinks she did a great job. Texter 2 has doubts about how she performed.

While they both agree she is a good player, Texter 2 thinks that she gets the play of the game a lot but does not have what it takes to be a great all-around player. This is something that commonly happens in gaming and e-sports where players often try to execute risky plays in order to get the play of the game. It’s an “all or nothing” style of play that can payoff but can also lose games.

Other Meanings of “POG”

It has a few other meanings as well. One of these is used in a military setting. In this case “POG” can mean “person other than grunt.” A grunt is a frontline soldier who does something dangerous or combat-related so here a “POG” is someone who performs some supporting duties but does not really fight or march like the others.

Here is the list of other meanings:

  • Patina Oil & Gas Corporation
  • Player Of The Game
  • Price Of Gold
  • Personnel Other than Grunt
  • PC Only Gamer
  • Priorities of Government
  • Parents of the Groom
  • Psychological Operations Group
  • Play Online Games
  • Property of God
  • Pot of Gold

Who is the poggers face guy?

Poggers’ emote is Pepe the frog; we all know that. But this emote is actually based on streamer / gamer Gootecks. In a reel of bloopers that Gootecks uploaded to their channel, you can see someone bump into the camera they are using to record. Gootecks then looks at Mike Ross (another famous gamer) and makes the iconic surprised face.

This face was later adapted to fit Pepe the frog and thus the poggers emote was born. You can watch the original Gootecks bug video below.

Must Read:

Is ‘poggers’ considered a slang term?

Yes, ‘poggers’ is considered internet and gaming slang. It’s informal language frequently used by online gaming, streaming, and meme culture members. It may be confusing to those unfamiliar with the context.

Are there any variations of ‘poggers’?

A few variations of ‘poggers’ are used in Twitch chat and elsewhere online. These include ‘poggies,’ ‘paggers,’ and ‘pog.’ There are also emotes such as Pog, PogU, and PogChamp depicting excited faces.

Is ‘poggers’ only used in gaming contexts?

Though ‘poggers’ originated in gaming, it has spread more widely as a general expression of excitement, similar to saying ‘awesome!’ However, it remains most heavily used when reacting to video games and streaming.


Going to clarify here because i haven’t seen an answer that contains every little bit of information on the phrase and its meaning. Treating this like I’m talking to someone who has never played a game before to make it as accessible as possible.

To “make a play” in a game basically means to do anything at all in a game, but the vast majority of the time it is used to refer to a really impressive moment in the game that shows your skill level (or just you getting lucky.)

POG stands for “play of the game”, which is the best “play” in the entire round/match/whatever. POGChamp just combines POG with champion, saying that the play was/is good enough to be the best play in the round, and that the person is a champion (winner/really good at the game) for doing it.

POGGERS isn’t a long acronym from what I understand, I’m pretty sure it is literally as simple as someone adding “ers” on the end of POG. I would explain the emotes but Polygon already did it for me so why waste the time? Just look for the POG emotes.


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