What Does Costco Do With Returns in 2024?

What Does Costco Do With Returns?

I am a Costco customer since 2 years and I like their return policy very much, because whenever I buy something from Costco and if I don’t like it, I easily return it.

Today, I a thought came to my mind: What Does Costco Do With The Returns Given By Us? And my mind was filled with all these questions: Where does they keep them? Does Costco resell returned orders or donate them? Or throws them out?

To get answers to all these questions, I went to Costco’s warehouse and asked the employee there about all these questions and he explained me everything.

If you also want to know the answers to all these questions, then keep reading!

What Does Costco Do With Returns in 2024?

How Costco handles returns depends on the condition and category of the returned item, here’s the complete breakdown:

What Does Costco Do With Unused Returns?

If any unused non-perishable item is returned to Costco, and it’s not defective or damaged and can be reused, Costco will put them on its sales floor for sale at a discounted price.

Non-Perishable items such as unused outdoor furniture, Electronics or any other home product.

What Does Costco Do With Used Returns?

If any used Clothes, Home Decor, Electronics Box Open or wrong item etc. is in good condition and returned to Costco, they will resell them all at cheap prices.

If a used return is in decent condition, then it will be refurbished (especially electronics) and when the all the issues with the product are fixed, it will be resold.

But if a used item is completely damaged, scratched or broken, then Costco will recycle it or label it as Grade C/D item and sell in liquidation auctions, otherwise it will dispose of it.

What Does Costco Do With Defective Returns?

Defective returned items at Costco are not resold, what happens to it depends on its condition:

If a defective electronics or appliances item is still under warranty, Costco will attempt to repair it if possible.

If a defective item cannot be used in any way then it will be sent to the manufacturer otherwise it will be disposed of.

What Does Costco Do With Food Returns?

What Does Costco Do With Food Returns?

Costco does not compromise with the health of its customers. So when a food item is returned to Costco, they throws it away, does not resell it.

For example: If returned eggs, frozen foods, vegetables, milk etc are expired and not safe to eat, Costco will throw them away. But if expired breads are returned, they will be sent back to the seller.

If any canned food item is returned, then Costco will check its expiry date and make sure if the item is safe to eat, then it will be resold.

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What Items Cannot Be Returned To Costco?

You cannot return these items at Costco online or in store:

  • Prescription medications
  • Cigarettes and alcohol
  • Gasoline
  • Cigarettes
  • Special order kiosk and custom installed products
  • Printed materials
  • Items with a short useful life expectancy
  • Bulk or assembled items

And if you have to return any electronic item, you can only return it within 90 days of purchase. Costco will not take returns of electronics items after 90 days.

Does Costco Keep Track Of Returns?

Yes, Costco tracks the number of returns made by customers. Whenever a person returns a product, Costco links that return to his membership card. So that they can protect their generous return policy from being abused.

For example: If a customer repeatedly returns expensive items after using them, the system flags them and puts a limit on their returns.

Can You Buy Costco Returns?

Can You Buy Costco Returns?

Yes, you can purchase returned items from Costco if they are in good condition. So you have an great opportunity to buy returned items at discounted prices, and maybe you don’t need Costco membership to buy them.

But you cannot buy returned perishable or expired food items from Costco, As I told above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Costco’s Return Policy?

If you have purchased something from a Costco store or online and it is not working properly or you want to return it for some reason, you can easily return it without receipt or packaging and get a refund.

And if you want to return some electronics items, you will be able to return them only for 90 days.

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How To Return Products To Costco?

To return products at Costco, you will have to go to a nearby Costco Warehouse and return the product.

If you are not able to return the package there, you can call Costco’s customer service number 1-800-955-2292 to get help.

Can you return something if your Costco membership has expired?

Yes, you can return the eligible product to Costco if you don’t have an active Costco Membership. Just go to a Costco store/warehouse and tell the manager that you have to return a product and don’t have membership, they will ask you for your Costco card and process your refund.

Do You Need Your Costco Receipt To Return a product?

Yes, there are high chances that you can make a return at Costco without a receipt, Receipt helps Costco to process the refund faster and easier. But even if you do not have the receipt, you will be able to return the product with the help of your membership card or number.

Can You Make a Return Beyond the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

I’m not sure about this, For specific exceptions and extended warranties on certain items like electronics, check Costco’s official policy.


In conclusion, what Costco does with returned items depends on their condition and type, such as: used items, unused items, defective items and food items.

Costco decides what will they do with the returned items according to the above conditions, whether they will fix them, resell them, sell them in liquidations auctions or return them to the manufacturer.

I hope that now you have got answers to all the questions related to Costco returns, but if you still have any query related to Costco returns then you can comment it down below. I will try to reply you as soon as possible!