What is a tri-state area?

What is a tri-state area?

Tri-state area is an informal term in the eastern contiguous United States for any of several regions associated with a particular town or metropolis that, with adjacent suburbs, lies across three states.

Some of these involve a state boundary tripoint. Other tri-state areas have a more diffuse population that shares a connected economy and geography-especially with respect to geology, botany, or climate.

The term “tri-state area” is often present in movies, radio and television commercials.

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What is a tri-state area?

A tri-state area is an area of three states in general. From what I have seen they vary depending on your sphere of influence.

For example:

The tri-state area in Southern New Jersey is: New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

In the northern, New Jersey the tri-state area is: New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

However, if you live in Northeastern New Jersey, the tri-state may also be considered New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Typically if you are in New Jersey and get your nightly news from NYC, then tri-state means NJ, NY and CT. If you get your nightly news from Phila, then tri-state means NJ, PA and DE.

Where does the term tri-state area come from?

The tri-state area is an informal term in the United States used for several regions that span 3 states.

It typically refers to areas with a shared economy or culture, often centered around a large metropolis.

What is the NYC Tri-State area?

The NYC Tri-State area, also known as the Greater New York City area, refers to the metropolitan region surrounding New York City that spans across three states: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Why is NYC called the Tri-state area when there is part of Pennsylvania included, which should make it the Quad-state area?

Officially, you are right. By “officially” I mean the metropolitan area as defined by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) #35620 includes several counties in New York State (including the boroughs of New York City), several counties in New Jersey and some eastern counties in Pennsylvania (but not Connecticut).

Combined Statistical Area #408 includes the above mentioned MSA and also some areas in Connecticut – so the greater metropolitan area “officially” sits on 4 different states.

Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSA) as defined by the OMB are used for Census purposes.

In NYC the tri-state area refers to the metropolitan area, an approximately 50-75 mile radius of commuter suburbs and communities that have commerce with Manhattan, the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Weather and traffic reports cover this area and often refer to it with this term.

New York metropolitan area

The New York metropolitan area includes the most populous city in the United States (New York City); counties comprising Long Island and the Mid- and LowerHudson Valley in the state of New York; the five largest cities in New Jersey(Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, and Edison) and their vicinities; six of the seven largest cities in Connecticut (Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford,Waterbury, Norwalk, and Danbury) and their vicinities; and five counties in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Obviously, Tri-State area is a misnomer since Pennsylvania is part of the New York metropolitan area. People commute from past the Delaware Water Gap out to the Pocono mountains and Lehigh Valley.

Incidentally, the Empire State Building’s website claims that on a clear day you can see five states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

“We always say 80 miles,” said Lydia Ruth, a building spokeswoman. “If you were on top of the Pocono Mountains, you could see the building.”

Brian Bossuyt, a spokesman for Camelback Ski Area, atop a Pocono mountain 73 miles away, disagrees. “You can’t see it from here, per se, from Camelback,” he said. “I don’t even think you can see it with those coin-operated binoculars.”

How did New York come to be known as a tri-state area?

Every area in the USA that is within the vicinity of three states of the Union (not necessarily where the borders converge) is a tri-state area.

There can be a tri-state area of NY, NJ or Pennsylvania, or NY, NJ and Connecticut, or New York, Connecticut and Massachussetts. But there are tri-state areas that exclude New York, like Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland or Massachussets, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Or in the Mid-West, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin, for example.

But if you’re smack in the middle of Texas, around Brady, there ain’t no tri-state area in the vicinity because it’s pretty far from the borders of any two neighboring states of Texas. And since Alaska and Hawaii are cut off from the rest of the continental US, I reckon they don’t have no tri-state areas neither, no-how.

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What makes the tri-state area so famous?

For starters, the New York metropolitan area is famous for its culture, its commerce, its commerce, and its industry.

Not to mention that New York is the main gateway through which most immigrants enter the country and is home to the largest foreign-born population of any metropolitan area.

New York also serves as the center of many industries globally, especially finance, international trade, fashion, entertainment, law, manufacturing, education, real estate, new and traditional media, and biotechnology.

In addition, higher education in the region is top-notch. The New York metropolitan area is home to hundreds of colleges and universities, several of which have been ranked among the top 40 in the world.

These top-tier schools include Columbia University, Yale University, New York University, Princeton University, and Rockefeller University. As if all this were not enough, the New York metropolitan area is more significant than any other metro area.

After all, it contains New York City, which has been the most populous city in the United States since 1790, and the Middle and Lower Hudson Valley. It also contains Long Island, and all of this is just in New York.

If we were to look at the cities in New Jersey, we would find that the five largest cities in the state are all included in this tri-state area. We are talking about Newark, Paterson, Jersey City, Edison, and Elizabeth. The immediate surroundings of all these cities are also included.

Finally, when it comes to Connecticut has six of the seven largest cities encompassed by this geographic region. Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury, Waterbury, and New Haven. The vicinity of all these cities is also included.

And, given all its wealth and popularity, it should come as no surprise to learn that the New York metropolitan area has one of the highest urban densities globally and ranks first in the United States for the population. It is.

More people live in this tri-state area than in the entire state of New York. Furthermore, if you were to measure a county’s wealth by median household income, you would find that seven of the 25 wealthiest counties in the entire US are located in this small geographic area.

That’s why, the New York tri-state area is the most famous and dominant in the entire United States.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Where can you stand in 3 states at once?

There’s a chance on a family road trip you’ve stopped at the Four Corners Monument, where you can stand in four states at once — Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

Is Buffalo considered tri state area?

No, Buffalo is not considered part of a tri-state area. Because Buffalo is located near the borders of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada, it is not situated at the precise point where these three jurisdictions meet.

What is meant by Tri State Logic?

In digital electronics threestatetristate, or 3-state logic allows an output or input pin/pad to assume a high impedance state, effectively removing the output from the circuit, in addition to the 0 and 1 logic levels. The term tristate should not be confused with ternary logic (3-value logic).

What are the benefits of living in a tri-state area?

There are many benefits to living in a tri-state area:

  • Many types of job opportunities.
  • Varieties of cultural and recreational activities.
  • A strong economy.
  • A diverse population.
  • Good schools.

Is California a Tri-State Area?

No, California is not a Tri-State Area. California is a large and populous state, it’s still just one single state.

Are there any downsides to living in a tri-state area?

Like any densely populated region, challenges like higher costs of living, traffic congestion, and environmental concerns can be present. However, many residents find the benefits outweigh these potential drawbacks.


Adding to what others have said, most “Tri-State Areas” include a large city and its suburbs or exurbs that extend into 3 states.

In the case of New York City, the suburbs and exurbs are in the states of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

In the case of Philadelphia, the suburbs and exurbs are in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

In the case of Pittsburgh, as Tom notes, the states would be Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Plenty of large cities are located near the junction of three states, particularly in the east – I’m unaware of any “Tri-State Area” west of the Rockies. But the New York and Philadelphia ones are probably the best-known.


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