Things You Really Need To Know About The KFC Console in 2021

Things You Really Need To Know About The KFC Console in 2021

While many await the launch of the long-awaited Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, there seems to be a surprise entrant. It was shortly after Sony’s “Future of Gaming” event last week that KFC decided to join the competition by introducing its new product that belongs to the company’s series of games, called “KFConsole.”

KFC posted a short teaser video on its Twitter account showing its new game console, with a controversial design that resembled a large chicken bucket. The KFC console, based on the brand represented, appears to be a real game console that comes with a power button, a disk drive and bright red lights.

The company hasn’t revealed enough details about the hardware, but confirms that users will get cross-platform compatibility with the device. The video also promised that users will be able to enjoy 4K and play games at 120FPS.

Is the KFC Console real?

The KFC console is very real, according to the fast food company. Known as the KFConsole, the system is designed to “boost your hunger” and also includes a chicken warmer to keep food warm while you play. According to KFC, this “Chicken Chamber” will use the console’s natural heat and airflow system to allow gamers to keep their fried chicken warm and crisp while they play.

The console is designed by Cooler Master, a Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer that primarily focuses on desktop computer cooling systems. The company also makes gaming keyboards, chairs, monitors, and more.

Things You Really Need To Know About The KFC Console

Here are five things you need to know about the KFConsole:

  1. It’s a real system-but don’t expect many to be made.

Yes, at some point there will be the opportunity to spend your hard earned cash on a KFConsole. This may be a gag, but it’s a practical gag. The KFConsole is real and eventually, someday real gamers will play real games on it.

Someday you might actually have a KFConsole at your desk or next to your TV and when friends and family come over they will stare in awe at this strange, magnificent machine and scratch their heads in puzzled wonder.

If, that is, you can get one. I very much doubt we’ll see many produced and assembled. It’s hard enough to find a mass-produced PS5 or Xbox Series X or RTX 3080 these days. I suspect it will be even more difficult to grab a KFConsole. Only the lucky few will warm their chicken inside their computer. Which leads us to…

  1. It keeps your chicken nice and toasty.

The KFConsole has something that no other PC or video game system has: A fried chicken warming chamber inside the chassis. Yes, you can play some Cyberpunk 2077 or some Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War while keeping your greasy, crumbly chicken warm just inches away.

The heat generated by the KFConsole actually funnels into the chamber to keep the chicken warm, so the more you push your rig to its limits, the warmer your dinner stays. Pair it with some Monster Energy drinks (amirite Hideo Kojima?) and you’re set.

This sounds like a bad idea, mind you. It’s rarely a good thing to keep food inside your computer, especially greasy food, though I suppose if the chamber is designed just so it won’t matter too much.

  1. It’s actually a very beefy “console.”

Yes, I found a way to describe a KFC product as “beefy.” I’m pretty sure that means I win the internet. And yes, I put “console” in scare quotes. Why? Because it’s not a console. It’s a custom PC with some very impressive specs, including:

  • A custom Cooler Master NC100 chassis
  • an Intel Core i9-9980HK CPU housed in an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element
  • 2 PCIe NVMEe Seagate CarraCuda 1TB SSDs
  • A hot-swappable GPU (an Asus RTX card though we don’t know which one, and it can be swapped out for upgrades down the road)
  • VR-ready, Ray-Tracing ready, up to 240fps and 4k fps

All of which is, on paper at least, more impressive spec-wise than the PS5 or Xbox Series X minus the custom SSD tech, the PS5’s DualSense controller and advanced sound design and so forth.

  1. Don’t worry, KFC isn’t the company actually making the KFConsole.

KFC has partnered with Cooler Master to design and produce the KFConsole. Cooler Master is one of the bigger names in the custom PC business, a manufacturer of full systems, computer cases and so forth.

Cooler Master’s mod team, helmed by Swedish modder “Timpelay” is handling the design. This is good news for anyone worried about the quality of the KFConsole. This will be, without a doubt, one of the nicest consoles ever made. Just also with a chicken warmer.

  1. It’s going to cost a lot of money.

Sometimes we just have to acknowledge that there are facts-important facts!-that we simply don’t know yet. For instance, we don’t have a price-tag for the KFConsole, though we should expect it to cost well over $1,000 based on components alone, and most likely quite a bit more given this is not a mass-produced system. I’d bet on something closer to the $2000 range, appealing only to collectors.

We also don’t know when the KFConsole is set to release, but we hope that when it does it’s, er, finger-lickin’ good. Or something. If you do get your hands on one, just be sure to wash them in-between snacking.

Is the KFConsole better than the PS5?

PS5 already has good specs enough to decrease the game time of slower consoles. It’s an innovation good enough but when KFConsole comes into play with features that are just as good and offers something even better- it may be a huge win. Price-wise, KFConsole is definitely expensive, but it gives a big bang for your buck when you don’t have to leave the living room ever again.

According to Eyewitness news, this is not the first move by KFC to go beyond their initial calling. KFC has also partnered with Crocs to launch a limited edition shoe with a KFC logo named KFC x Crocs bucket Clog. KFC isn’t lowering its game and has clearly made its name among its fast food chain competitors.


No price or release date has been given for the KFC game console. However, although there is still no price or release date for the KFC Gaming console, Colonel Sanders has been forced to reveal some specifications.

Designed by Cooler Master, the machine will play the “latest titles in astonishing 4K, 240FPS.”

With a custom Cooler Master NC100 chassis, an Intel NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element sits at the heart of the machine, and the official website boasts six times faster speeds with PCle NVMe performance.

Gamers will be able to launch games in seconds and instantly access data while loading games, and the console features two Segate BarraCude 1TB SSDs. In addition to all of the above, the KFC game console will be VR ready and will feature ray tracing.

And, if all of the above weren’t enough to make your mouth froth, the machine also has a chicken chamber that will keep your chicken from getting cold (note that you will not be able to cook chicken).


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