The Best Tool to Build Backlinks in Scale

The Best Tool to Build Backlinks in Scale

The Best Tool to Build Backlinks in Scale 

If you own a website or run an SEO agency then you most probably have an idea about different SEO strategies and especially backlinks. To add to your understanding, backlinks are a way to improve your website’s online ranking in search engines. 

Now, you no longer have to wait for sites to link back to you and get the much-desired traffic. All you need to do is start using a quality link-building tool. These tools will increase your ranking in SERPs and the good part is most of them are available for free. 

Read the following article, where we’ve listed the best tools that business owners can use to build backlinks in scale.

Best Link-Building Tools In 2022  

  1. Accessily Marketplace 

Undoubtedly, one of the best that you can get. Accessily focuses on providing high-quality backlinks, from high-traffic websites. They browse through thousands of websites that accept guest posts and select the best ones for you. Unlike other marketplaces that prioritize quantity over quality, Accessily offers you Backlinks that are vetted manually. 

Accessily give their users the benefit of having valuable statistics that will help their business gain a competitive advantage. Moreover, you get inputs to manage your work such as information related to devices, browsers, users’ countries and traffic. 

All these combined make this marketplace a one-stop-shop to buy backlinks, increased ROI, and SEO scalability. You can buy backlinks from Accessily by simply signing up and paying the premium for their services. 

You can buy backlinks through Accessily by paying a premium of $15-$50 per month. 

2. JustReachOut

JustReachOut is a platform that helps you seek Journalists and Reporters and get mentions in the press. When it comes to effective link-building strategies, PR is probably the most credible one out there. 

With JustReachOut you can get quality backlinks from authority news sites such as New York Times and Forbes.  

While other outreach platforms are focused on finding bloggers, JustReachOut will land you opportunities for an up-to-date database of journalists. Moreover, you get a CRM to streamline your outreach within the platform. 

JustReachOut is available for use at $99-$699 per month. 

3. CognitiveSEO

Unlike other tools mentioned in our list, CognitiveSEO is an SEO software that focuses on analysing backlinks rather than building backlinks. You can use it to identify unnatural links. 

It is incredibly similar to tools like Ahrefs and Moz, but the only difference is that it lets you know if your website or a website from which you want to get links has a crooked link profile or not. 

You can get Cognitive SEO for $99-$499 per month and enjoy getting backlinks from substantial sites. 

4. Raven SEO Tools

Raven SEO is a popular and probably the most affordable link-building tool that offers all-around SEO services. It helps you to build a backlink profile on your website, which includes anchor text usage, internal and external links quality, the number of pages on your domain that are receiving links, and the number of quality backlinks. 

If this wasn’t enough, Raven SEO lets you peep into your competitors’ backlink profiles so that you can analyse how they are generating traction.

You can get this tool by paying a premium of just $7 per month, which includes a 7-day free trial as well.  

5. Linkody

When it comes to variety, Linkody tops the chart by offering several free tools that provide link-building assistance to compare your link profile with the competition, analyse your profile of backlinks, and create effective link-building strategies. 

If this wasn’t enough, you can use Linkody to review the top 100 backlinks for any website. Moreover, it guides you towards the best quality by precise research based on your competitor’s website. 

6. URL Profiler

URL Profiler offers a range of useful features and link-building tools to excel in SEO. You also get a few free-of-cost additional tools like a Twitter scraper and SERP scraper that will help you generate domains of lists around a common idea. All the data can then be used to audit your page and analyse the link metrics. 

You can get URL Profiler’s premium services by paying a monthly fee of $19.95. However, you also get a free 14-day trial to get used to and examine the platform thoroughly. To conclude, the most significant benefit of URL Profiler remains its free offering of Twitter and SERP scraper.  

Wrapping Up

After going through the entire article, you must have noticed the importance of building quality backlinks. We strongly advise you to build backlinks to your site using smart strategies and through a promising marketplace. Doing this all by yourself might become hectic and time-consuming. This is where a good backlink builder tool can help you. Only buy backlinks of good quality and save your time and effort by avoiding trouble. 

Thank You for sticking around and reading. We hope you find the perfect tool to build backlinks in scale.

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The Best Tool to Build Backlinks in Scale