The Amazon Certification Exam Is easy to Pass? How to Check Exam Results?

The Amazon Certification Exam Is easy to Pass? How to Check Exam Results?

The Amazon Certification Exam Is easy to Pass? How to Check Exam Results?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, many people begin to do this work, and some people are also preparing to take the relevant certification examination online dumps 2022. So the Amazon certification exam is easy to pass? How to check exam results? Let’s get to know.

I: The Amazon Certification Exam Is Easy to pass

Amazon certification exam is generally easy to pass. AWS certification is a set of certification systems launched by AWS for practitioners in the cloud computing industry; Students can prove their AWS cloud skills and improve their credit by obtaining industry-recognized certificates. At present, AWS has the highest market share in the global cloud computing market, and many large multinational enterprises are using the cloud services provided by AWS.

In some enterprises with AWS as the main cloud platform, they even put forward hard requirements for technicians to pass the AWS certification examination. When applying for a job, having AWS certification will also become proof of technical ability and a bonus for job hunting. Therefore, if you intend to engage in technology, sales, and other work in cloud computing-related fields, it is very helpful for you to obtain AWS certification.

The examination questions are all choice questions, including single choice and multiple choice. Generally speaking, the difficulty of multi-choice will be relatively higher.

II: How to Check the Exam Result

After completing the test, you will receive a pass or fail notice on the exam screen.

The score line of AWS certification is set according to the statistical analysis results and is not fixed. AWS will not publish the test score line, because after the test content is updated, the test questions and score line will be updated to reflect the change of test form.

Most exams use quantitative scoring methods. You will receive an email confirming the completion of the exam. You can view the detailed test results in the AWS certification account under “Previous Exams” within five working days after completing the test.

Within five working days after the test, your test result record will be displayed under “Previous Exams” in your AWS certification account.

Beta test results are usually published 90 days (13 weeks) or less after the end of the test. Once you can view the test results from your AWS certification account, you will receive an email notification.

Amazon exam registration method and registration conditions.

The AWS test is registered directly on the AWS official website.

Please log in to )And click “certification” in the top navigation. Then, click the “AWS certification account” button and then “schedule a new exam”. Find the exam you want to take and click the schedule at psi or schedule at Pearson VUE button. Then complete the examination registration according to the prompts.

Registration conditions:

Candidates must be at least 18 years old to take the AWS certification test.

Some agreements need to be signed before the exam, which roughly means that cheating and violations are not allowed, and legal statements such as test questions cannot be disseminated.

During the formal examination, you need to bring personal valid certificates (such as ID cards, passports, household registers), etc. You can only bring pens and draft paper, not any electronic devices, mobile phones, etc. you need to put them outside.

You should understand some things about these questions. If you have other questions, you can pay more attention to this website and we will share different resources with you every time.


The Amazon Certification Exam Is easy to Pass? How to Check Exam Results?

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