Registration Fees for Cisco Certification

Registration Fees for Cisco Certification

Registration Fees for Cisco Certification

Cisco certification is an international authoritative certification system in the Internet field. Cisco certification system includes CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, CCIP, CCVP, CCIE (further divided into routing and switching; voice; storage network; security; telecom operators) and other certifications which are at different levels and have different contents. CCNA, CCNP and CCIE certifications are commonly used and have great social demand.

Registration fee for the CCNA certification exam –  300 USD

Registration fee for CCNP certification exam: Cisco’s CCNP certification requires two exams: the core written exam (400 USD) and the optional written exam (300USD), a total of 700 USD. (2020)

Registration fee for CCIE certification exam: 

To obtain a CCIE certificate, you need to pass the following exams:

1. CCIE qualification exam (i.e. written exam, 2.5 hours): 400 USD;

2. CCIE experimental exam (i.e. lab, 2-hour error correction + 6-hour configuration in routing switching direction; 8-hour configuration in other directions): 1,500 USD. And in the Beijing exam center the cost is 1,800 USD.

CCIE Lab refers to CCIE’s experimental exam, and the difficulty of this exam subject is the key factor for CCIE certificate’s ultra-high value. Compared with the pure theory exam of CCNA and CCNP certification, CCIE certification exam tests much more than the contents of question dumps. Candidates need to have a solid theoretical foundation and practical skills. Obtaining CCIE certificate is undoubtedly the best recognition of the strength of a network engineer.

Training costs

Here SPOTO would like to remind you that in addition to the registration fee, training fee is also unavoidable. Because the exam is difficult, especially CCIE certification contains the experimental exam that candidates are not familiar with, it is difficult to pass by self-study alone. So you had better participate in CCIE certification training.

Taking SPOTO as an example, students in different situations should choose different package courses at different prices. If you have zero knowledge foundation, the original training fee is 2,633 USD.

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What can CCIE certificate bring?

Many people may be deterred by the high cost of the CCIE certification exam, but they will gain more if they pay! We know that the average salary of employees with Cisco certificate is about 20% to 30% higher than the industry average. If fresh graduates can obtain CCIE certificate just after graduation, they can basically get an annual salary of 11,666-16,666 USD in first-tier cities!

After you get CCIE certificate, you will have more choices and positions to choose from. Manufacturers, Party B or Party A are all the objects you can choose. The salary range of CCIE certificate holders in different positions will be relatively large, ranging from thousands of monthly salary to hundreds of thousands of annual salary.

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Registration Fees for Cisco Certification

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