How To Rank Higher On Google In 2020? 5 Imp. Factors

How to Rank Higher On Google In 2020

In this post you will learn how to get a higher ranking on Google in 2020 without any restrictions.

Also one more thing (joke) you may have read somewhere that “Where should you bury something that you don’t want people to find?”

And the answer for this question is simple, On the second page of Google.

This is also true that 75% of the people wont go to the second page of Google.

If you are not on the first page of Google then you are wasting your time. Furthermore getting traffic is also harder for you.

So in this post you will learn 8 steps on-

How to Rank Higher On Google?

1: Improve Your On-Site SEO

On Page SEO is one of the simplest and best ways to boost your Google Ranking. It’s simple because you can easily optimize your on page seo within 20 minutes and see the result within 3 days.

But how do you optimize your Page Seo to improve your overall Google Ranking?

Read this post more or just go though this article – What Is On Page SEO?

First, make sure your keyword is in the title of your post. And most importantly the first word of your post must be the keyword you are targeting.

This is also called frontloading.

Google also gives more emphasis to the words that appear first in the title of your post. And less importance to the word that comes after.

Second, make sure the post contains at least 800 words.

Many researchers found that the more words the content has, the higher it will rank.

By adding more words you can easily beat other competitors in your niche.

Sometimes we can’t add more words into the content, but you should write how much you can write at least.

Third and Finally, add your keyword 2 to 3x on your page.

This is not about keyword stuffing.

But, when you add relevant keywords to your page, you make sure to Google that this page is about this particular query.

This thing can help you get a nice boost in ranking.

So also sprinkle some term a handful of times on your pages where it made sense.


2: Add LSI Keywords To Your Page

LSI keywords are a little bit advanced on-page SEO strategy.

And they are also working GREAT right now.

But, what chaos is LSI words?

In simple, they are words and phrases that are closely related to the topic of your page.

For instance, these are some of the example LSI keywords for the keyword “Cold Brew Coffee”.

  1. Drink
  2. Water 
  3. Beans
  4. Grind
  5. Glass
  6. Recipes

These are the LSI keywords to verify to Google that your content is actually about this topic.

But how do you find and use LSI keywords on your site?

I suggest checking out a free SEO tool called LSIGraph.

Rank Higher On Google

All you need to do is enter your main keyword into the LSI tool…like this,

Rank Higher On Google

…and it will spit up a handful of LSI keywords that you can add to your page.

Rank Higher On Google

3: Monitor Your Technical SEO

In 202 for 90% of the websites, technical SEO is NOT an issue.

But still, even though they are rare, technical SEO problems can hurt your site’s SEO.

So it’s worth paying attention to them.

Individually, these are the three things to keep an eye on-

The first thing we recommend is to check that your site is 100% optimized for mobile devices.

 This probably isn’t an issue for you in 2020.

But it does not hurt to check.

Luckily, checking your site’s mobile optimization is absolutely easy.

All you need to do is to use this Mobile-Friendly Testing tool from Google.

It will prompt you if your site is mobile friendly or not.

Secondly, It is not a secret that a site’s average loading time is a Google ranking factor.

In my opinion, Page Speed is not really an important ranking factor. But it does make a clash.

So, run your site through site speed tools like

It’s free and gives you a enumeration list of ways you can speed things up.

4: Match Your Content to Search Intent

Simply put, Google pays attention to how people deal with your website.

And if people are getting what they’re looking for from your page, you can look forward to your rankings to improve.

Search intent is the why behind a search query.

In other words, why did the people make this search query? Do they want to learn something? Are they going to make a purchase?

Or, are they looking for a particular website for general information?

In simple terms, your content must match with the searchers query.

5: Reduce Your Bounce Rate

When you’re working hard to increase your website Google Search Performance, one of the best things you can do is to reduce a high bounce rate.

In other words, a high bounce rate is an indication that something is wrong in your strategy. You are not attracting the right site visitor or your site doesn’t have a good user experience.

In other words, visitors and customers who visit your page bounce off before they even give you a chance to convert them.

If you’re giving a searcher what they’re looking for. Why would they bounce?

So you should improve your bounce rate.

6: Publish High-Quality Content

No doubt you have probably heard that to rank in Google “you must have to publish high-quality content”.

Its important in 2020 to Rank Higher On Google. And while this is true, this is the super hard thing to take action on.

So, you DO want to publish awesome content on your site.

But it needs to be the type of high-quality article which people share on social media and also link to.

This is because, as you may already know, Google’s algorithm is highly based on backlinks.

The more backlinks your site has, the higher you’ll rank.

And the best way to build backlinks to your site?

Publish articles that people will actually link.

In other words:

Publish something that other people can put in their blog content.

7: Build Backlinks to Your Site

Publishing amazing content is great.

But it’s important for your articles to get links to see real results.

In other words-

You can’t just “write and publish and pray”.

Your content is a drop in an ocean of blog posts, Instagram stories, videos and Facebook posts that come out everyday.

Actually, WordPress reported that 70 million new posts come out every month.

Backlinks, this is the most important factor to Rank Higher On Google


That’s it. Hope you enjoyed these 7 Factors That Will Help You To Rank Higher On Google In 2020.

Now I would like to hear what you have to say about these techniques.

Which technique from this guide are you going to implement first?

Are you going to start building internal linking or external?

Or want to improve your organic CTR.

Anyway, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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