What is Off-Page SEO and The Important Ranking Factors?


What is Off Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO are the actions taken from the outside of your blog or website. Unlike On-Page SEO, the On-Page SEO is still under our control but it takes much time and effort then On-Page SEO.

But both these on page and On Page SEO are equally important. Lack of any one of these will affect your ranking in Google.

Common Off Page SEO are building backlinks, increasing engagements, social media signals etc.

The more on this, Off Page SEO is increasing your popularity, authority and trustability on your website.

On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO

On page seo is totally under your control but this is not the case with Off Page SEO. Off Page SEO refers to the other ranking factors that occur off on your blog or website.

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On page seo includes content optimization, internal linking, page speed, heading tags atc. On the other hand Off Page SEO includes social signals, backlinks and increasing brand authority and credibility.

Why is Off Page SEO important?

Off Page SEO is curicil in blogging because it tells search engines that your website is important for others as it contains useful and relevant information.

Backlinks play an important role in Off Page SEO. For example, there’s two contents that contain the same information with the same quality. So now when the search engine is put on the top.

So in this case backlinks determine the one who grabs this opportunity. The one that has quality backlinks will get the top spot.

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Off-page SEO matters because it helps your business in many ways such as:

  • Rank higher in relevant SERPs
  • Become an authoritative figure
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Comprehensive SEO strategy
  • Generate website traffic
  • Attract leads
  • Close sales

If you want to grow your business, harness the power of SEO, also include off-page SEO in your SEO plan.

Without off-site SEO, you will struggle to achieve the highest rankings, traffic numbers, and revenue you want.

That’s why off-page SEO matters.

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Off Page SEO factors

1: Link Building

Google and other search engines take backlinks as a vote. The one webpage that has more backlinks(votes) will rank higher.

Only Do follow and quality links matters. The one with no follow and low quality backlinks not only diminish your running but also can put you on the high risk penalty.

This is a good technique for Off Page SEO as well as improving your Domain authority.

2: Social Media Signals

To improve your Off Page SEO you have to take off your social power also. You need to win an audience to prove your overall social media presence.

The more shares, likes and comments your shared post will get, the more it is likely to achieve the higher ranking.

It also contains-

  • Number of tweets and retweets,
  • and the popularity
  • Facebook shares
  • Google +1s.
  • Mentions on community sites like Reddit,
  • StumbleUpon
  • and Tumblr.

3: Improve Domain authority

Now if you don’t know what domain authority is, it isa metric developed by MOZ that predicts how efficient a website is to rank on Google.

It ranges from 0 to 100 on a scale, where 0 is worst and 100 is top best. To improve your overall domain authority you can build more quality backlinks.

4: Use SSL Certificate

SSL encrypts the data that goes from the user to the target website. SSL Provides an extra layer of security.

Suppose you want to buy something online and your web browser warns you “site is not secure”, this simply means that the site does not have a SSL certificate installed on it.

When you enter information such as credit card information make sure the website has a SSL certificate. This encrypts your credit card details so no one between the user and a website can access it.

5: Fix Broken links

When visitors spend less time on your website, Google will assume that your website is not worthy enough and not proving a good user experience.

Ultimately, search engines will start lowering your rank. Broken links will throw your visitors away and hurt your SEO efforts. Therefore, it is best to fix them up.

6:  Fix your 404 errors

This type of error can also decrease your ranking in Google. Broken links can impact the user experience and off-page SEO. That’s why finding and fixing 404 errors is an essential part of any off-page SEO checklist.

Crawl your website with Screaming Frog, and then work through its list of 404 errors to make your site easy for crawlers and users.


OFF Page is very important in SEO without this you will struggle in growing your business online.

Last but not least, avoid using black hat off-page SEO techniques. You can convert both search engines, visitors, and subscribers to enemies.

Also you will get penalties from Google, get blocked by visitors, or blacklisted by subscribers. And nobody wants that.

That’s it.

Hope you have learned something from this article and managed to start your own blog. So after starting your own blog keep your focus on your blog and engage more readers with your blog.

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