Is There A Difference Between Left And Right Twix? – Updated 2021

Difference Between Left And Right Twix

Is There A Difference Between Left And Right Twix? – Updated 2021

Curious about the difference between the left and right Twix bars? We explain below …

The always delicious chocolate in a golden wrapper, popularly known as Twix, is one of the brands of Mars Inc. The chocolate-dipped caramel fluid milk chocolate cookie tastes creamy and melts in your mouth. Chocolate fudge has been an all-time favorite of not just Americans but other nationalities as well.

A few years ago, the brand escalated the biggest mystery to fans through a commercial. The company revealed two rival divisions: left and right. While it is obvious that the two cookie bars are identical, the brand claims that the two sides are different. So what’s the deal? Read on to discover the difference between right and left Twix chocolate chip cookies.

What Is Left Twix?

Left Twix is a famous chocolate bar from a reputable company called the Twix brand from Mars Chocolate North America. This brand is known for producing quality and delicious chocolate bars, and not a single person has been able to say no to them.

The left Twix chocolate is made with drizzled caramel and crunchy cookies. This combination is the secret behind the crust and sweetness of this chocolate bar. The superior ingredients made from this chocolate contribute to its incredible taste.

Left And Right Twix

What Is Right Twix?

The Right Twix is another famous Twix brand chocolate that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flavor. This chocolate also comes from the famous Twix brand from Mars Chocolate North America. The right Twix is made with cascading caramel and crunchy cookies.

The chocolate bar comes wrapped in chocolate and cascaded in caramel. This combination makes it crunchy, rich, and delicious. Even the most boring person in the world won’t resist the craving for this delicious chocolate bar.

Is There A Difference Between Left And Right Twix? – Updated

The answer is yes. Based on Twix Factory, they pointed out that there are some differences. Left Twix is ​​credited as dripping caramel chocolate and a cookie inside. Right Twix is ​​wrapped in chocolate with layers of caramel and a cookie inside. The left Twix dipped in chocolate, while the right Twix had to wear a chocolate robe.

Some say that both Twix are identical, but we don’t think so. The long-running “Best Side of Twix” campaign has been going on for a long time and the company asks people which side they prefer. At the DeSide convention, Twix Left and Right fans came together to fill out a quiz about their likes, clothing preferences, and social media likes and dislikes. The results show that the two parties have nothing in common, which is completely shocking.

This competition paved the way for people to study both sides of chocolate chip cookies and delve into their characteristics. Brand Director Michelle Diagnan even joined in on the fun and stated that Twix fans are all the same but have differences in the looks they choose.

So many people were involved in the campaign that they scrutinized both sides. According to rival Twix factories today, the two are not the same. Yes, both chocolate bars are made with chocolate, but they differ in some respects. By looking at the manufacturing process, you will see that Right Twix is ​​covered in cascading caramel chocolate properly. And inside it has a cookie.

The twix on the left, however, is different. It’s also dipped in chocolate, but with drizzled caramel. And unlike the Twix on the right, inside the Twix on the left is a cookie. The difference between the two Twix bars is clear at this point. One features a cookie, while the other, the Right Twix, has a cookie inside.

Are left or right Twix more popular?

Left And Right Twix

To the extent that consumers are still trying to find the difference between the left and right Twix, both are still the talk of the town. Therefore, they share the same amount of popularity. But those who have been eating these favorite bars and noticed a difference have already chosen their favorites.

For those who love a musty taste, they will choose the right Twist as their favorite. For those consumers who love a crunchier feel, the Left Twist seems to be their all-time favorite. In keeping with the national flavor challenge, most of the fans chose the correct Twist as their favorite bar.

Is Right And Left Twix Chocolate Vegans?

Chocolate is a plant-based food. It is made from cocoa beans, which grow on a cocoa tree. So vegans can eat chocolate. The only thing that can make that impossible is the other added ingredients besides the cocoa beans. There has been confusion as to whether Twix is ​​vegan or not. Many believe that Twix is ​​vegan, while others claim that it is not.

So is Twix vegan? First, let’s see who the vegans are. Vegans are individuals who steer clear of animal products for a variety of reasons. They can be health, ethical or environmental reasons. Vegans prefer plant-based products. And just because Twix is ​​made from chocolate doesn’t mean it’s conducive to them.

So no, vegans can’t eat Twix chocolate. We can also rephrase it by saying that Twix is ​​not vegan. The reason for this is not the chocolate. The chocolate itself is plant-based and vegan. The reason vegans would steer clear of Twix is ​​because of other ingredients. But the most important thing is that Twix has dairy products and palm oil, which are ingredients considered non-vegan.

The dairy product, milk, is derived from cows. And the way cows are raised and milked is considered inhumane by vegans. Palm oil, on the other hand, has a variety of adverse environmental effects. But let’s not forget that people go vegan for a variety of reasons. So technically most vegans can have Twix chocolate. The reason is that it does not contain animal meat, which all vegans are against.

The only reason most vegans may refuse to eat Twix has to do with issues related to practices and the environment.

Here’s a quick look at the ingredients in Twix chocolate:

Milk chocolate:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Sugar
  • Skim milk
  • Chocolate
  • Milk fat
  • PGPR
  • Lactose
  • Soy lecithin
  • Artificial flavors

Sugar, enriched wheat flour:

  • Wheat flour
  • Niacin
  • Reduced iron
  • Folic acid
  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamine Mononitrate

Others include palm oil, dextrose, corn syrup, less than 2%: salt, food starch, baking soda, skim milk, and cocoa powder.

Which Twix label sells better?

You could say that both sides of Twix sold more. This is because the difference between them is very small. Then people will buy at random. Another thing that makes these chocolate bars sell well is that many people buy them to compare and distinguish them. Comparative buyers are likely to buy both brands at the same time.

It seems that the marketing strategy that the Mars chocolate company started working on worked in their favor. Many people keep buying more of these bars to compare. As long as fans keep trying to figure out the difference, both bars will continue to sell more and generate income for the company.


Well, from all the information above, you should still have a lot of confusion on which Twix to try. Everyone has their version of the differences between the two chocolate bars. Well, aside from the packaging, which is quite obvious, it is not easy to point out any other differences between the two brands of chocolate bars.

The only way to find out the difference between the Right Twix and the Left Twist is to buy both parts and try them out. Find out if the differences other fans point out are true.

But even if you don’t find any difference, it’s enough to know that the campaign strategy was a huge success when it comes to increasing sales. This is a successful marketing strategy that involves creating rivalry to attract the attention of consumers. And the Mars chocolate company has done it.

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