How To Use Social Media Properly To Increase Traffic?

Grow Traffic

When you start a blog, especially in the initial stages of your blogging, getting lots of traffic even some hundreds is not easy.

So in this blog post i will share some really helpful and genuine ways to increase your blog traffic by harnessing the power of social media.

Here the simple Table of Content-

  1. Focus on One Social Media Platform
  2. Learn How to do Pinterest (the Right Way)
  3. Pinterest Depending on your targeted niche and following, Pinterest can be a vital traffic source.
  4. Increase Traffic to Your Site also Connect With Influencers Using, Linkedin or Twitter.
  5. Become a Facebook Kung-fu Master
  6. Answer On Quora
  7. Facebook Ads
  8. Dodge These 4 Traffic Procedures That Are a Waste of Time for Amateurs

-Commenting on Popular Blogs

-Submitting Your Site to Directories

-Trying hard to go Viral on Hacker News, Reddit etc.

-Paying for a Unique Design

-Makes Strong Friends who are in the same niche like you

1: Focus on One Social Media Platform

Before deep diving into the matter of SEO, use these simple techniques to promote your blog. SEO is a large topic and we will cover it in another Course.

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So, There are plenty of social platforms your brand can use to publish content, connect, and engage. Social media is a great tool, but with so many social platforms, figuring out where to focus your energies can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting to experiment with blogging and content marketing.

Why You Just Need 1 Social Platform (to Start)

Always remember that social media provides you an opening to share your trademark narrative, and produce people into that story. By concentrating on one platform, you can discover how to deliver that story effectively, generate content, engage with people, and get in the groove. It’s not about having the most social presence on social media; it’s about making the most of what you have.

My personal preference is to choose Facebook, because you can join large communities there, large SEO groups, connect with other bloggers and learn, and also drive traffic to the site, and curate content. So in the beginning only focus on one social media channel.

Also you can choose pinterest but if you aren’t already  familiar with pinterest it’s a little bit confusing. But it can drive a great traffic to your blog if done right.

2: Answer On Quora

Quora is undeniably the biggest Question & Answer or Q&A site on the web right now.

As the name mentions, a Q&A blog where users come to post their questions and gets answered by the community.

Start using Quora from the day you start a blog. Here’s Why,

  1. Increase Website Referral Traffic for Free
  2. Traffic From Day 1
  3. Free Content Promotion
  4. Build Your Brand Authority
  5. Also showcase your talent (in writing or other)

Enough reasons for beginners. So start writing answers like a pro on Quora.

3: Pay For Facebook Ads

You need to blow some money on this to develop fast, but this is not important when you are just starting. But once you have a few extra money to utilize on promoting each month, I encourage you to start promoting your blog posts on a consistent basis.

Here are some reasons why:

1: You reach a brand new audience. You can install up your ads so they are only shown to people who have not visited your site in the last 6 months.

2: You re-engage people on your list who aren’t opening your emails. Whenever I promote one of my blog posts, I usually drive the campaign right after I send out my newsletter email. Then I exclude anyone who’s already seen the post from my audience.

3: You can move people through your sales funnel. Learn More

4: You grow your Email List with higher quality leads – Facebook ads really targeting the users who you want to target. It’s as simple as that. So they are worth spending some money on.

Avoid These Four Traffic Methods That Are a Waste of Time for Amateurs

1. Commenting on Popular Blogs

In old times, this used to be an effective strategy, but as the blogosphere has grownWhile these sites can drive enormous traffic, it’s difficult to get your content to the front page until you have lots of readers to vote for it, and popular blogs have received more and more comment spam. So its return on investment has fallen consistently.

Yes, blog commenting can open doors to a future relationship with the blogger, but if getting visitors to your blog to your blog is your primary goal, you’re going to be disappointed.

2. Submitting Your Site to Directories

Years ago, submitting your site to directories used to be a viable traffic resource and an essential part of SEO, but now the benefits have disappeared.

3. Trying to go Viral on Hacker News, Reddit etc.

These sites can drive unlimited traffic, it’s hard to get your content to the front page until you have lots of readers to vote for it.

Cross these strategies off your email list. Until you hit 1,000 email subscribers (minimum).

4. Paying for a Unique Design

You would think spending on a different blog layout would help build your credibility and commence to more traffic, but in real, it does not have any effect on traffic at all.

You’re far better off using a free or inexpensive WordPress theme like Astra, and investing the money elsewhere.

That’s it for today.

I just don’t want to put heavy weight on your shoulders by telling you many things that does not mean and unnecessary to do.

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