How to Make an Intro for Your YouTube Channel

How to Make an Intro for Your YouTube Channel

How to Make an Intro for Your YouTube Channel

A YouTube intro is, as the name suggests, the start or precursor to the main video. It helps set the video’s tone, gives the audience a taste of the channel’s content, and creates a consistent brand image. A visually engaging video builds anticipation and interest in the main content and becomes a memorable visual forever associated with the channel.

A unique intro also helps with consistency and creating viewer impressions and brand recall. With the thousands of videos available on YouTube, a fun intro is a great way to stand out and even achieve virality. Before getting down to creating your YouTube intro, it is important to plan and map out what you want the intro to convey. Goal setting ensures your video meets your channel objectives and essential information is not missed during actual creation.

Think of the USP of your channel or content that you are creating. Research other videos in your niche and explore what sets your content apart from competitors. And with the easily available tools online, creators now have various options to play with when creating their very own signature intro. Below, we break down how to create a YouTube intro in 6 simple steps. 

What Is the Theme or Context of Your YouTube Video?

First, it is important to decide the kind of intro you want for your channel. This includes decisions regarding graphics, music, tone, and even colors. You may create a formal intro or more fun, irreverent one depending on your channel. When making a YouTube intro, you will also need to decide the length of the video and the exact message you intend to convey. At this stage, it helps to research other channels in your niche like home decor, sketch comedy, food vlogger, etc., to see the kind of intros used.  

When coming up with a unique intro for your YouTube video, make sure you include a distinctive logo or channel art. This is a great branding tactic and lets users easily identify your content. In addition, it helps as a creator to have your image or images included in the intro. Use a professional intro maker for your YouTube video that comes pre-stocked with templates, graphics, and even music that you can use in your very own intro.

Use Engaging Text

When crafting your YouTube intro, it is essential to include certain text that identifies your video. The essential text includes:

  • Your channel name.
  • Related social media channels.
  • An explanation of what your channel can offer viewers.

And, do not forget a catchy and clear call to action like asking your audience to like, subscribe, comment, etc.

Make sure the text is easy to read, in a font that fits the overall theme of your channel and content, and ultimately not too wordy. Using large fonts and bright colors is another way to get the messaging across quickly.

Get the Correct Length for Your Video

While there is no exact length for a YouTube intro, ideally, it should not be too long. The idea is for a YouTube intro to be engaging enough to keep the audience engaged and interesting in viewing the main content but not so long that the audience deviates from the video.

Editing is crucial to ensure your intro is professional and just the right length. Streamline your intro by removing extraneous elements and keep it to 10 seconds at the most.

Add Additional Design Elements

Before finishing up your intro video:

  1. Make sure it looks exactly right. As an intro is a hook or element that sets the tone for your audience, you must get it perfect on the first go.
  2. Play around with additional design elements like a voiceover, a unique music background score, and even animation.
  3. Make sure you use only royalty-free or unique music to avoid flagging down for violating YouTube guidelines.

Do a final run-through to ensure your video matches your brand, overall channel theme, and how you want to come across. For example, if you are a comedy channel, a formal intro will not match the vibe and come across as inauthentic. Finally, remember that uniqueness is most important for YouTube intros. Make sure yours has some completely distinctive elements. Think a unique jingle, a graphic, and avoid using premade backgrounds or colors as much as possible. And when in doubt, customize.

Add Intro to Your Main Video

Once you are satisfied with the video, add it to your main video. At this stage, take a critical eye at how the combined video looks in totality. Check to see that the transition of the intro into the main video is clear. Ideally, the transition should be seamless and not take the audience out of the viewing experience.

Also, check for any grammatical mistakes and last-minute revisions to content. You can always ask a third person to look at your intro for a viewer’s perspective on how the intro is coming across.

Upload to YouTube

Finally, once you are satisfied, upload the video to YouTube. Hit the upload button, add video and any additional details, and you are done.

Final Thoughts

A YouTube Intro is a useful branding tool and is especially beneficial for new or small creators that need the viewing boost. The best part is you do not have to do it all alone. Several YouTube intro makers are available that can help you craft a perfect intro. These intro makers come with a wide variety of fonts, text styles, templates, designs, colors, and other options so you can create a complete one-of-a-kind intro with ease. Many YouTube intro makers also come with a built-in royalty-free music library to use.

Also, take care of the basics before working on your YouTube intro. For example, come up with a unique channel name, description, create connected social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, etc., for cross-promotion, create a website, research keywords, CTA, etc. All this pre-prep ensures you are not lost or scrambling for ideas when working on the intro. 

How to Make an Intro for Your YouTube Channel

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