Giving CBD Oil Tincture to Pets

Giving CBD Oil Tincture to Pets

The unique benefits of CBD can’t be overstated. One of the safest compounds from the hemp plant renders special features to humans with exceptional health conditions. It is also effective in the treatment of animals and is available in over-the-counter pet supplements.

CBD tincture for dogs is a pure extract of cannabidiol that is absorbed quickly by the system. To gain the most benefits for your four-legged friend, buy only quality and reliable products and administer them properly. Here, you can find some buying tips.

Health Benefits

An excellent way to help pets to combat illness and improve their health is through the use of CBD. This compound can reduce inflammation, improve appetite, and decrease the signs of mood disorders in canines. Moreover, it has been proven that CBD is very effective at combating the inflammation and toxins caused by parasites.

When talking about the benefits of CBD, we must also address the fact that it can ease many symptoms associated with many serious diseases. Like humans, your pets can suffer from cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy. These are some of the major health problems that dogs and cats can experience.

Senior dogs or cats can have many inconveniences and be in pain most of the time. Even when they are physically healthy, they might experience a lack of appetite and some mental disorders. A regular dose of CBD tincture will help them stay vital and happy, even in their golden age.

There are many therapeutic benefits that dogs can experience when given CBD tincture. But before you give your beloved canine any supplements, even those natural ones, you need to consult an expert first.

Best Remedy for Behavioral Issues

CBD fights off the diseases and conditions that can cause dogs and cats to behave aggressively. Many things can trigger this behavior in animals, but stress is number one. For example, dogs hate being alone. That makes them prone to separation anxiety. Cats can also develop many mental issues, starting from schizophrenia to depression.

A high-quality CBD tincture can effectively manage stress-related behaviors. Also, this compound treats many chronic diseases, which can also make your pet bold and restless. This supplement can improve the mental and physical well-being of your beloved pet.

If you wonder whether human and animal CBD tinctures can be interchangeable, check the source below:

Safety Issue


The best way to ensure product quality and safety is to buy it from a reputable supplier who is willing to provide a certificate of analysis or purity. A qualified laboratory should issue it. This report should state that the substance is derived from the highest quality sources available. 

Moreover, the lab should have submitted its report to the relevant government authorities. That is to ensure that the material is completely safe for use in animals. So always look out for third-party lab testing labels when looking to buy CBD tincture for your furry buddy.

Minimal Side Effects

In general, CBD supplements are safe for animal use. Even tinctures with an alcohol basis can be applied with no problems. But manufacturers should state all potential side effects, even if they happen once in a million cases. Luckily, these downsides really are rare.

One of the common side effects is nausea, which can become problematic for older animals. That’s especially true if they have cancer or another severe illness. Another issue is diarrhea, which can be caused by a particular formula that is not safe for older pets. 

While CBD is relatively safe, always consult your vet if you have any questions or concerns. They can also help you find the proper dosage that is safe and will address your pet’s unique needs.

Administration Tips

The first tip to have in mind is to keep the dosage low when administering this medicine to your pets for the first time. It should be worked out following the weight of the animal, so as their health condition. If you are not sure how to do that, you can ask the vet, who will give you proper guidance on this.

As for the administration method, you should keep the entire process short as tinctures usually act pretty fast. It can be challenging to make your pet swallow the tincture due to its bitter taste. So you have to be clever and hide its distinctive aroma somehow.

The first way is to simply pour the tincture into a capsule. That can work with bigger animals. Another convenient way many owners rely on is to put this remedy in food or water. In most cases, food is a much better choice as not all dogs and cats drink plenty of water throughout the day. Pour the proper dosage in a single portion of your pet’s favorite food.

Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, CBD has an incredible impact when applied to a painful area. Yet, it’s not good to put the pure tincture directly on the skin. Dogs and cats have skin that is more sensitive than humans. The alcohol base of the tincture can further irritate it. It is best to dilute the CBD extract with some carrier oil and take care not to press the sore spot too much.

Pets need good and regular care to live as long and as well as possible. Natural supplements such as CBD tinctures can help improve their quality of life and live in well-being as long as possible.

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