Dramacool | Asian Drama, Movies and Shows English Subtitles

Dramacool | Asian Drama, Movies and Shows English Subtitles

So Guys, Today in this article we will provide the review of the famous Drama Site “Dramacool”. And is this safe or not we will also talk about it.

What is Dramacool?

Dramacool is a biggest Asian drama site! You can watch Asian Drama (Korean Drama, Chinese Drama, Taiwan Drama, Japanese Drama) with English subtitle.

At this time, Dramacool was closed due to legal issues. There are lots of Fake of Dramacool site online! If you don’t have some $ for viki or Dramafever You should choose a reputable website to watch and download asia drama for free like dramafire. Or you can download Korean drama at dramanice!

Is Dramacool Legal?

As well as on the website, you will be able to watch other Asian dramas and Asian movies with English subtitles. Dramacool provides Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas, Hong Kong, and Taiwan dramas. As the website is offering you leaked content illegally. Hence, it is an illegal website.

My advice is that if you do not use DramaCool, then it will be better because DramaCool is an ILLEGAL website.

Is Dramacool Safe to use?

Most sites which aggregate pirate content are themselves safe, but generally have two issues:

  • The have advertisers who have ads which inject or otherwise vend malware through the advertising served by the ad selector
  • In order to stay legal themselves, they merely index, which means they link to lists of other sites which contain the actual content
    • Some of those sites inject or otherwise vend malware directly, themselves
    • Some of those sites have advertisers which inject or otherwise vend malware * through the advertising served by the ad selector

So the site itself may be technically safe, but the ads and the content linked to by the site might not be. They are a pirate aggregator. It’s very hard to get advertising from say Tesla, or the Red Cross.

Pros & Cons of Dramacool


  • They are providing all free content and not charging like single a penny.
  • They have humongous size of content.


  • These sites are having hidden virus and malware that can harm your system.
  • They can steal your private data from your system.
  • They can also steal your money through cyber attacks.
  • There are many ads showing on these sites and if you click on it it may open adult or se*ual pages.

As far as I know, Dramacool sites are a scam, they for sure steal our data by injecting malware in their site. (Yeah some claim they are the best and free site among hundreds of other sites, TRUE)

How do ads on Dramacool steel your data? Should we use it?

Here are few things i thought once visited their site,

  1. Why the website’s owner hiding his/her identity? and i am sure they are using some paid service to get hide from world.
  2. No backlinks?
  3. Sometimes when i click on ads new tab opens(I left to run fully), it takes me to adult sites.
  4. Dramacool Site is totally Scam and Illegal.

Personal advice, don’t disclose your private information on such sites. Kindly don’t use this site on your personal laptop in which you do bank transaction.

Let me know whether my assumption is wrong on this site.

Is Dramacool safe and legal in India?

No free sites like Dramacool, dramavery, kissasian are legal. Haven’t u seen what happened to kissanime. They banned it due to copyright issue.

So it’s basically piracy.

But we can’t pay to watch dramas n animes as many of us can’t afford to watch those huge numbers of dramas n anime which are not available on Netflix or viki n other paid apps. So watch them for free.

Legal Alternatives to Dramacool

If you find Dramacool unattractive due to legal issues, you can try any of its other counterparts. The Little Facts has found several legal streaming sites for Asian dramas that are completely free. Here are a few:

  1. Viki (free)

Viki is available in most regions. The site tops the list of all legal sites for Asian dramas, especially in the Chinese drama market. You can be sure of the HD quality that you prefer to that offered by Youtube.

  1. YouTube

Of course, Youtube should have been the first on this list if it weren’t for its poor quality than Viki’s. You can easily skip any ad after three seconds.

  1. Toggle

You can find out if this site is only available in Asia before using it. It shows a few old and modern Chinese dramas.

Where can I watch Korean dramas online legally?

Viu. Dramafever. Viki. OnDemandKorea. KOCAWA. They are legal.

Viu is available in Hong Kong,Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan. You can watch and download the dramas for free. You can download the dramas if u register an account.

Dramafever is available in North & South america including US territories, UK, and Australia.

Not sure about wat countries Viki is available in.

OnDemandKorea is available in North and South America and maybe Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe. It is free too.

KOCOWA subscription is available in North America and South America.

You can also read recaps of episodes of the dramas and comments at dramabeans.

Must Read:

Is Dramacool movie Safe?

Dramacool is rumored to own an honest amount of Korean drama and Movies. The quality provided by Dramacool wouldn’t thwart you. The top quality of the drama and its subtitles are praise-worthy as a result of it’s been synched exceptionally effectively.

How to Browse Dramacool Safely?

Step 1: Avoid Clicking on Ads – We say so, considering that most ads on these sites are from various scams, in which the ad will indicate that you have won a lottery or are the winner of a grand prize.

Once you click on it, you will be directed to a different site, where you will be asked to enter your password for your bank identification. Never and we say NEVER do it, considering that this is a scammer who asks you to do it, to steal your money. Therefore, avoid clicking on such ads.

Step 2: Use an antivirus – Sometimes the ads do not provide scams, but instead come with viruses and other malicious software that is used to steal your data. This is a simple, but long-lasting hack.

If your frequent sites like Dramacool and other sites that are hacking sites provide you with such ads, it is advisable to spend on a paid antivirus plan, considering that the free ones are useless.

Once you buy an antivirus, in case there is any Trojan or virus, the antivirus will detect and eradicate it, thus preventing you from a possible data leak.

Step 3: Avoid such sites (Isn’t it obvious)? If you do not need to be the first to watch such movies and content and have a subscription to OTT platforms, or if you have access to Korean content through a reputable site, avoid visiting such piracy sites. In some countries, piracy is a crime and you can be fined for doing it, so you must exercise caution while doing the same and frequenting sites.

To wrap up this topic, Dramacool is safe, up to a point, but there are hidden threats that you may not be aware of. We’ve mentioned a few ways to protect yourself from such ills, so if you’re careful, you have nothing to worry about.

We hope this article has helped you understand if Dramacool is a safe site. Also, we hope you liked this article.


It’s just another website like Kissanime, fmovies out there who aggregate pirate content for viewers. But these websites does have popup ads which are kind of very spammy and hard to close once opened.

Lot of people use these sites , who cannot afford the subscription of premium websites like Neflix, HULU, HBO, Showtime which provide original content for a monthly premium. Then there are also Amazon prime, Sony liv, Zee5, Voot etc in India. It can become hard and expensive to get all these for the original content and not many people can afford it.

That’s why people turn to pirated sites. Telegram is also huge nowadays with lot of pirated content and don’t forget the torrent. But I have seen that people who watch pirated content for years can develop genuine interest and move to premium subscriptions when they are financially capable. As no one wants to keep closing the spammy popups while watching your favorite shows and movies.


If your into anime or movies , we have curated some great hidden gems at Shubz that you might love watching.

Never use these websites in your personal system which are having your data, banking information, private clicks and video.


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