Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday In 2024? – Complete Guide

Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday
Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday

Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday In 2024? – Complete Guide

Amazon is one of the main reasons the logistics industry has become so powerful. Amazon has set the standard for online businesses and shipping companies with its emphasis on fast and reliable delivery.

Amazon recently began using its independent drivers to improve its shipping further to fulfill orders instead of relying on third parties.

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you need a delivery sooner rather than later. If it’s Saturday, you may be worried that you won’t receive your package until Monday.

You may be wondering if Amazon delivers on Sundays. Here’s what you need to know if Amazon delivers on Sunday or not.

Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday In 2024?

Yes, Amazon ships on Sundays. One of the reasons Amazon can deliver on Sundays is because it works with UPS and USPS. While it uses its own logistics team to deliver packages to a UPS or USPS office, UPS or USPS delivers the final delivery piece.

Therefore, delivery on Sunday is not available to everyone. Amazon can only deliver its Sunday packages in areas where UPS and USPS handle Sunday deliveries.

In most cases, UPS drivers handle Sunday deliveries. USPS is not open except for Priority Express Mail and parcel delivery.

Since Sunday services are still relatively new to both organizations, they have not yet fully extended them to rural communities. Most of their Sunday services are intended for urban and suburban communities.

This allows them to earn the most money from their supplies. They can deliver several parcels in one area instead of only delivering a few parcels to a remote location.

Because of this, Amazon ships on Sundays, but that doesn’t always mean it ships to your location on Sundays.

Does Amazon Deliver on Easter Sunday?

Surprisingly, Amazon delivers on Easter Sunday. I know this from my own experience last year as I remember giving our courier a tip for the delivery for Easter.

Since Easter is not considered a federal holiday in the US, they will continue to deliver. But if Christmas, New Year’s Eve, July 4, or Columbus Day falls on a Sunday, you will NOT get your package.

What Time Does Amazon Deliver Packages On Sunday?

If Amazon delivers near you on Sundays, you might be wondering when to expect it. Whether you get your shipment from Amazon, UPS or USPS plays a vital role in when to expect them.

Amazon allows delivery drivers to make deliveries between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm. During these hours, you can expect delivery at any time. USPS has a slightly shorter delivery window.

They deliver parcels from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. However, some holiday periods may extend these hours. UPS drivers will not deliver your package after 6:00 pm in most cases. If your shipment is from USPS, you can expect a slightly tighter schedule.

USPS operates during federal hours. Postal carriers can start delivering shipments by 8:00 am but must finish by 5:00 pm. In some cases, such as during the holidays, they may run later.

However, you can expect them to complete the delivery by 5:00 pm in most cases. If you want to track your shipment down to the minute, sometimes you can find the tracking information on Amazon or UPS.

USPS does not provide up-to-date tracking information but can usually be expected around the same time it arrives to deliver your mail.

Does Sunday Delivery Come Free with Prime?

Absolutely! As a rule, Amazon Prime customers will not have to pay extra for shipping (plus fast shipping). And they certainly won’t be charged with any additional charges for Sunday delivery either.

There is no reason to pay extra for Sunday shipping.

How Do I Know If Sunday Delivery is Available Here?

Fortunately, however, checking to see if your package is eligible for Sunday delivery is relatively straightforward. You don’t even have to leave Amazon to find out, even!

All you need to do is load your products into your Amazon Shopping Cart, go through the checkout process, and check the “Review Items & Shipping” section before finalizing your payment.

Here you will receive information about the delivery schedule. Your estimated delivery date will be highlighted in green, and you will also see a time window where you can complete the order to lock that delivery date.

However, below that, there will be a few radio buttons that will allow you to select different Amazon delivery dates as soon as they qualify for it.

Occasionally you will be able to choose a “Prime Day,” which will have all your packages delivered every week, regardless of the day they were ordered. This means that purchases made on Monday can be put on hold until Wednesday and delivered on Friday, along with purchases made the rest of the week.

However, sometimes you’ll be able to consolidate your orders and hold packages until everything is ready and done. This saves a bit of time, a bit of energy, and a bit of effort for everyone and – and almost always gives you notable Amazon credits too.

However, if Sunday delivery is available as an option, you will find a popup that allows you to select Sunday. Remember that Sunday delivery will only come if it matches your delivery window.

If you order on Monday, for example, and have Amazon Prime, chances are pretty good you won’t find a Sunday delivery option – even if it’s available in your area. Amazon will deliver your package faster than that.

On the other hand, if you order on a Wednesday or later, chances are pretty good if your area qualifies, you will see a Sunday delivery option.

Just be sure to double-check, and you’ll be good to go!

Do I Have to Pay Extra for Sunday Delivery from Amazon?

However, the good news about Sunday delivery with Amazon is that you won’t have to pay any additional fees to take advantage of it when it becomes available.

Sunday delivery is available to any Amazon customer, whether or not you have a Prime account.

If your package can be delivered on Sunday, where the delivery window is set, you will be ready to go – then your package will probably arrive. You don’t need to pay two premiums for using this service.

Is 1-Day Delivery Available on Sunday?

Yes, if you shop on Amazon on Saturday, you’ll often see the 1-day delivery option available.

Of course, this only happens if you live in a location where 1-day shipping is available and if your specific address is contracted for Sunday deliveries.

Can I Select Sunday Delivery Specifically?

As we mentioned a moment ago, you will not necessarily be able to select Sunday delivery specifically unless it is an option that depends on.

Whether or not this option becomes available will depend on many different circumstances, all tied to the specific order you submit. For starters, the day of the week you place your order will significantly impact whether Sunday delivery is available at all.

As we mentioned a moment ago, if you order on Monday or Tuesday, the chances of Sunday delivery never appearing are pretty good because Amazon can deliver your packages earlier.

Sunday delivery will be pretty consistent if you order later in the week (especially on Wednesdays or later). Second, the type of goods ordered will significantly influence whether Sunday delivery is available.

Some products are always available from Amazon warehouses nationwide and in your area. These items may or may not be available for near-immediate shipment. If that’s the case (and ordering later in the week), you’ll likely find a Sunday delivery.

However, other items may be sold from third-party vendors via the Amazon Marketplace. Or maybe they are just rarer, more expensive, or vast and overloaded items that require specialized delivery services.

For these items, Sunday delivery may or may not be available as an option. Finally, it comes down to the geographic area and population density and the type of UPS and USPS services available there.

Some people (including those who live in suburban and rural areas) may be close enough to a well-built shipping infrastructure and earn some money on Sunday delivery. Other people may not be so lucky!

Who Handles These Amazon Sunday Deliveries?

Amazon works with both USPS and UPS to handle their shipping services. It’s impossible to know precisely which of these shipping organizations will handle your Amazon package without knowing where you live, USPS/UPS coverage, etc.

The general rule of thumb is pretty safe, though, assuming the people who handle Amazon’s Daily Packages will be the same people who handle the Sunday Delivery Packages.

Will I Be Able to Track My Sunday Delivery?

Definitely! Your Sunday Delivery will have the same tracking information as your standard Amazon deliveries.

You will be able to track your shipment via the Amazon website, the Amazon Shopping mobile app (for both iOS and Android devices), and any shipping information they have, including directions for USPS and UPS services.

Will Amazon Deliver On Sundays If You Have An Amazon Locker?

An Amazon locker is a secure place where your Amazon packages can be delivered. When you live in an apartment or area plagued by pirates on porches, you may want a more secure method of getting your packages delivered.

One option is to sign in to an Amazon Locker. Several places act like Amazon Lockers. They have a key or an area for people to receive their packages when they pass by.

Since businesses tend to be the most popular choices as locations for Amazon Lockers, you can only get your package when the business is open.

Therefore, you may not always receive your shipment on Sunday. Amazon is more likely to deliver Sunday parcels to Amazon Lockers. However, this only happens if the company is operating on Sundays.

If the business has a way for the Amazon delivery driver to drop packages inside the business, even if it’s closed, they’ll deliver on Sunday anyway.

The problem is that you can only access your locker when business is open. That said, Amazon lockers tend to be in stores that operate seven days a week. Some of them are even open 24 hours. That means you have plenty of time to pick up your delivery on Sunday to get to the store.

Amazon Lockers is also an ideal option for someone who lives in a rural area. Since the driver can make the delivery much more quickly, he is more likely to deliver the package on Sunday.

This is especially true if the cabinet is located in an urban area. While it does require you to drive to the locker to get your package, it also means you can pick it up on Sunday.

Conclusion: Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday

Amazon always delivers on Saturday if you live where you receive your mail on Saturday. But if you don’t receive your parcel on Saturday and USPS has delivered most of your Amazon parcels, you likely won’t receive your parcel on Saturday.

It’s also worth noting that if you already receive Amazon deliveries on Sunday, you will receive Saturdays.

Ask the Reader: Won’t you get Amazon deliveries on Sunday? Do you think it’s because you live in the countryside? Let me know, and I’m inquisitive.

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