What Is Content Writing? 6 Tips To Improve Your Content Writing

What is content writing

Content writing is like telling a story or giving information about something in such a way that it could reach a maximum number of people in a limited amount of time.

A Newspaper, magazine, blog post, articles, books, etc uses daily content to reach millions of people and influence them to act on something.

Content writing has become the base model of many companies to make money by giving their users information in return. The whole social media is based on content writing in one way or another to entertain the general public.

When people hear about content writing they immediately think about articles and blog posts but there is much more to that since the content is all around you in one form or another.

This is a field where new content writers are required daily because there is no limit to the amount of content you can produce. The content should always have to be user friendly and easy to understand that anyone can read and talk about.

How To Start Content Writing?

In the list below we have tried to provide you with a step to step guide for you to follow and you will be able to write professional content by yourself and generate revenue in the background.

Always remember to become a professional at something you have to practice hard for it since there is no easy and fast rule that can help you in content writing.

You can use this guide as a blueprint to start your journey as a content writer.

Step 1: Research before writing

The first thing to do before you start writing is to do the research about the topic because it forces you to outline and organized all your thoughts instead of copying everything about the topic.

It really helps in speeding up the writing process by giving new current flows of ideas and saves time in the long run.

For doing research use the websites that have already written about it because that will save your time and once you have come up with an idea to write about, then you can move on to the next step.

While doing research remember to make notes or bullet points that you have to include in your content which will help you look for a reference page when you start writing.

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Step 2: Find your writing style

Every writer has its own style of writing and finding your style can take some time but you have to seriously look for it.

During your writing journey, you will find different types of styles of different people and you can get inspired by reading some of there work which will help you in building your own way of writing. A writing style defines a writer and his identity.

Step 3: Start with a good opening

The opening is a very important aspect of content writing because it tells the reader about your writing style and your sense.

It is a crucial place where someone decides that if they should read the whole thing or not, so your opening should be beef and to the point which can attract readers to know more about the topic.

The first couple of lines should make the reader to get curious about subjects and to do that many writers use questions to start there paragraph because it compels the readers to find the answer to that question.

Step 4: Simplicity & Informative

A reader should be able to clearly understand the message that you are sending with your content because if that’s not the case it clearly defeats the purpose of reading an article.

So your content should be simple and along with that, it should provide some information that is unique to you. If you are publishing information that has already been used then you have to present it in a better and simpler form or you can put up an updated version of that information but it should be better than the previous info.

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Step 5: Spacing and Structure

The spacing and structure of your blog imitatively tell a reader that some effort has been put in writing this content, so he tries to read it. It also gives clarity to your content and makes it more appealing to the reader’s eye.

The font of the content also plays an important role in writing an article because if the article looks good then it would be comfortable for the user to read.

The short paragraph with one-line spacing is always considered a good idea while writing a blog.

Step 6: Removing the errors

If you don’t edit your content and remove the errors then it could have a negative impact on your user and he will not read it.

For the first round of editing look for common mistakes and spelling errors that don’t fit with the flow of letters.

After that try to find sentences that are useless and don’t fit with the topic and start to remove them. At last, read it one more time to check if you have left something and your content will be ready to be published.

How to earn money by content writing?

If you are looking for writing jobs then you can try to go for both online and offline solutions but we suggest that if you are new to writing then you should go for online jobs because in offline jobs you need to have some experience before they can hire you.

Online jobs are the best because you can choose your own time with how much money you will charge for doing the service. In the below list we have provided some of the names of the most famous online websites that pay you well for writing content for them.


Fiverr is a platform that provides a chance for any skill holder to make money on their own terms and they only take a small fee for it. The skill holders are called freelancers.

They are trying to developing a marketplace concept that provides a two-way platformance for buying and selling various digital services that are usually offered by freelancers.

The services offered on this website include writing, translation, graphic design, video editing and programming


Upwork is a similar site like Fiverr but it takes a much larger share than a fiver and there joining them could be difficult for newer people in the online freelancer industry.

Upwork provides professionals to work on projects from web and mobile app development to SEO, social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, admin help and thousands of other projects

What skills do I need to be a content writer?

To be a successful content writer, you need to have the following skills:

Strong writing skills: Content writers must write clearly, concisely, and engagingly.

Research skills: Content writers need to be able to research topics thoroughly to write accurate and informative content.

SEO knowledge: Content writers need a basic understanding of SEO to write content that will rank well in search engines.

Editing and proofreading skills: Content writers need to be able to edit and proofread their work carefully to ensure it is free of errors.

Communication skills: Content writers must communicate effectively with editors, clients, and other stakeholders.


Content writing is a skill that can be developed in two to three months and can let you earn lots of money. There are key points to remember when you are writing content and that are research, style, simplicity, informative, and structure which you need to remember.

Also, you can earn a lot of money form both online and offline jobs and we suggest that you go for online jobs because of there limitless scope.

Remember that the more you write the better you get and there will be many challenges that you will face but you can find any solution if you have the desire for it.

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