Boston College Vs Boston University: What Are The Differences? 2023

Boston College Vs Boston University

Boston College Vs Boston University: What Are The Differences? 2023

One of the most important decisions anyone with budding academic aspirations can make is choosing a university to attend. This situation can be further complicated when you have the option of choosing between two or more schools that share almost the same similarities.

When you come to Boston, one challenge you are sure to face as a high school graduate aiming for a college degree would be whether to go to Boston University or Boston College. So, Boston College vs Boston University; What should be your pick?

About Boston

With a population of 710,195, Boston is the 21st largest city in the US Because of this, students attending BC and BU have all the luxuries of attending school in a big city. Boston has teams in all four major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) and hosts world-class events like the Boston Marathon.

For students seeking culture, Boston has a host of renowned museums, including the Boston Museum of Art, the Science Museum, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Other attractions include Symphony Hall, home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the New England Aquarium.

For students who want to explore other places, Boston’s Logan Airport has flights around the world, including direct flights to cities such as Paris and London. Besides being a major metropolis, Boston is also a college town. In addition to BU and BC, other prominent universities in the city or in its vicinity are:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Harvard University 
  • Northeastern University 
  • Tufts University 
  • Emerson College 
  • Brandeis University 
  • Babson College 
  • Wellesley College
  • Bentley University 
  • Suffolk University

Boston College vs Boston University:

Both BC and BU are wonderful universities, however your choice will largely depend on your interest and the major you intend to pursue. BU is considerably larger and has a broader range of programs in addition to having a medical school and its reputation in engineering and science. Boston College, on the other hand, has a unique nursing school, while Boston University does not have one.

Also, both BC and BU play in the first division, while BC is known to have a fairly strong soccer system. You can easily access both using the Green Line metro line, making it easy to access both. However, Boston University is more urban, while Boston College is more of a suburban school. Also, while BU is associated with the Methodist church, BC has more leanings towards Catholics.

How to Decide Between Boston College vs. Boston University

Boston College is an especially strong choice if:

  • You want to attend a school with easy access to city life but a more suburban feel
  • Saturday football games are very important to you
  • You’re seeking a Jesuit education/want to attend a Catholic College
  • You prefer a smaller, tight-knit campus community
  • Greek life isn’t essential to your college experience
  • A powerful and large (182,736 and counting) alumni network is important to you
  • You plan on majoring in business—we ranked BC #14 on our list of best colleges for business.
Boston College

Boston University is especially strong for students who:

  • Want to live in the heart of the city
  • Want a big school experience; BU is the largest college or university in Boston
  • Are career-oriented—in 2017, the Times Higher Education (THE) ranked the employability of BU alumni 6th internationally and 5th in the United States
  • Are seeking an LGBTQ friendly community; BU is known as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly universities in the country
  • Want to attend a school with frats and sororities, but don’t want them to be an overwhelming presence on campus
  • Are interested in research opportunities—BU is categorized as a very high research activity university according to the Carnegie Classification

In Boston, would you choose Tufts or Boston University?

Tufts is more of a suburban liberal arts college (NESCAC) with graduate school and medical school, dental school, and hospital in downtown Boston, several miles away. The closest subway stop is Davis Square, about 20 minutes from campus.

BU is an urban research university and has many more undergraduates. It really is in the city, with a streetcar running through the middle of campus. Which takes you anywhere in Boston and has like 7 or 8 stops on campus. Like Tufts, there is a separate medical campus in another part of Boston.

Personally, I prefer to live in Boston, other people may not.

I also suggest that you look into Boston College, Northeastern University, and Brandeis University. These 5 Boston area schools are ranked between 20 and 30 on the US News list, if I remember correctly.

ConclusionWhich college is better, Boston University or Boston College?

I believe that if you choose to pursue degrees in the future or broaden your career prospects in the future, Boston University would be your best option. Why Boston University? I think Boston University is better known in general, both in the United States and internationally. Boston University has a great and stellar reputation.

Boston College began as a Roman Catholic religious college, and although it has become increasingly secular to the point of having very little religious connection, some might see it as less prestigious, more parochial, more provincial even.

However, if your life goal is to establish yourself and excel professionally in the greater Boston area and in Massachusetts in general, then Boston College may do as well or better than Boston University. Make no mistake about it, Boston College still has the air of an “old man’s club” and is regarded locally as a patriarchal institution of learning, attended by many students with a sense of entitlement.

Overall, it would direct prospective students toward the more modern, better-known, and perhaps better-regarded Boston University. I would suggest, for example, that any of my friends and relatives should opt for Boston University over Boston University. Boston University is also located in a more dynamic, innovative and exciting area than Boston College, It is instead in a more bucolic area on the edge of the city limits, and is almost in the boring suburbs of Boston .

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