Is the Black Clover anime worth watching?

Is the Black Clover anime worth watching?

Is the Black Clover anime worth watching?

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata.

The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in.

With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 2015, and has been collected into 27 tankōbon volumes as of November 2023.

So today we are going to know whether black clover is good or not?

Is the Black Clover anime worth watching?

This is just my personal take on this. Here goes.

Black clover is something which we can easily associate to many anime such as Naruto, dragon Ball z and so on. In these anime we see there is a protoganist who is initially an absolute joke of an individual (example Naruto couldn’t even do a proper shadow clone, Goku couldn’t even beat raditz and had to sacrifice himself to kill me.) Asta is a joke in the beginning.

No magic ability, a loudmouth, and a pure-hearted young man. But as the story goes he gains one unique ability (magic nullification sword) which is only suited for him.

Then his evolution is fast-paced where in starts to grow the minute he starts going on a mission. Now coming to the anime. The first 10 episodes were very slow where they depict some of the boring things like their journey to the capital city and so on. But from there, things get interesting especially with the intro of the black bulls and from there the anime takes a huge leap in excitement.

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Now coming to the reasons I like this anime.

  • It follows the manga and it isn’t deviating from the original story line.
  • It is a fantasy anime and I am biased towards this.
  • There are a ton of interesting characters and you will feel like rooting for characters other than the protoganist (my personal favourites are Yami captain of the black bulls and Jack the ripper)
  • The antagonists are literally a very unique twist and while their motive is very easy to understand, they are still really kick-ass
  • The show isn’t exactly one of the best anime to come out but is decent, has good amounts of action, adventure, comedy and is a refreshing anime to watch.

Is a Black Clover similar to Naruto?

First of all, it’s quite important to distinguish between black clover anime and black clover manga. The anime started off slowly but picked up after a few episodes.

The fight scenes are somewhat unique, and the way they have progressed the series is ok.

I enjoy watching it, that being said I don’t think it’s amazing, save for the few time the magic captains fight and some of astas fight scenes.

The manga however is excellent IMO, its creator has comedy, amazing fight scenes and the plot follows a solid structure. I highly recommend people to read black clover and also watch it if u enjoy the manga.

Now onto the question. So Naruto as a series is practically a masterpiece (manga) with the exception of some not so amazing arcs like Kaguya lel.

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So even if black clover was a rip off it’s bound to be good you know. But I don’t think it is a rip-off. Shonen always has a common theme being they protagonist wants to become the leader of something or be in the highest position, Luffy: pirate king, naruto:

Hokage, asta: wizard king, and some other series that are extremely unique and bloody amazing such as My Hero Acadmia which also follows the story of Midoriya wanting to become the no 1 professional hero.

Although MHA does follow this shonen stereotype, obviously it’s called shonen for a reason, it’s extremely unique compared to a lot of shonen and defs stands out among the really popular ones.

Anyway, sure there are plenty of similarities between the 2, but there are also a lot of differences. Eg. Black clover is more light-hearted and naruto more emotional.

Another example is that in some arcs we see asta completely powerless and have to rely on the magic captains. Whilst in Naruto, Sasuke, and naruto usually end up being the most op in a particular arc

Although there are plenty of similarities i think black clover as a series is very unique and has a different world, different types of characters, and quite a different story.

So in conclusion yes black clover is both similar AND very different to Naruto.

When will Black Clover end? How many episodes will the anime have?

The Anime was somewhere around chapter 120–130 but recently they have stopped following the manga and started doing things chronologically.

As in the Manga, it focuses on individual groups then goes back in time and focuses on another group.

While we are around 215 in the Manga. The Mangaka has said this is around equal to the end of Naruto so the giant 1v6/7 fight we just finished in the Manga is comparable to the original Naruto v Sasuke. It could easily be as long as Naruto/One Piece.

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Is Black Clover Manga Finished?

There can be a significant difference between anime adapted from presently running manga and those that have previously concluded. It may have a significant impact on the tale, and it’s important to know before committing time in a new series. Black Clover’s manga has been ongoing since 2015, with no conclusion in sight.

Nearly 280 chapters have been collected into over 27 volumes of manga. That’s a lot of stuff, but it’s not as much as other shonen series, and it’s not so dense that it seems impenetrable.

Is Black Clover finished?

Black Clover has become one of the best underdog tales in shonen manga. After all, it turns out Black Clover has no end in sight, and its indefinite close has never felt so far away. Recently, Japan released a slew of new Shonen Jump issues, and it was there fanned learned about the fate of Black Clover.

Is Black Clover better than fairy tail?

Now as for animation, I will say fairy tail has a black clover beat. The black clover animation is awesome and fine but the fairy tail animation is way more detailed. Fairy tail animation has a close resemblance to its mang but black clover animation is a little different from its manga.


You decide for yourself. I’ll tell you about the Anime without going too deep and without giving any spoilers.

So the Anime is typical Shonen type. It has a standard protagonist like Naruto (and Luffy). He is simple minded, people look down on him and he is determined to change his life. He is on a journey to find strength and learn things that’ll make him strong.

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Some might say it is just like Naruto and some might say it is different. But let me tell you that the basic idea or you can say the basic things about the main characters are same in some manner. Like both are driven by a similar goal attaining the top and respected position of their village, the way their family conditions are and such. I’m not saying they are same but similar.

But the world, it’s superpowers and adventures are totally different. That gives you the satisfaction of watching something new. And you can observe the main character become stronger by overcoming his problems. And that is satisfactory too.

So overall, yes it is worth watching if you liked Naruto. But it’s gonna be long at least a 100 episodes.

Definitely worth watching, fast paced, good storyline and good OST! Yes. At first the most common impression is that the series is cliche and a cheap copy of Naruto and Fairy tail but I can ensure that as the series progresses, Black Clover is an excellent anime/manga.

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