Best Soccer Goals, Nets & Rebounders For Backyard in 2021

Best Soccer Goals

Best Soccer Goals, Nets & Rebounders For Backyard in 2021

If your backyard is perfect for a soccer game, but you’re missing a soccer goal to shoot, you’ll be interested in seeing these best backyard soccer goals featured here today.

There are different styles, sizes, and qualities available. Choosing the one that best suits your needs will help you get the most fun and use of your choice.

I will show you what to consider when making your choice. I’m sure when you’re done reading, you’ll see a portable backyard or soccer goal that you (or your kids) will love.

Buying Guide For The Best Soccer Goals


Most professional soccer tournaments use goal posts the same size as those used in the World Cup. This means that football goals are generally designed following the guidelines of the FIFA regulations.

FIFA states that the goalposts must be placed 8 yards apart and at the same distance from the corner flags. The crossbar must be 8 yards long and positioned no less than or greater than 8 feet from the ground. Additional dimensions are provided for the thickness of the posts. Both posts and the crossbar must be a maximum of 5 inches wide and deep. They are typically 4 to 5 inches tall.

Although children’s tournaments may allow for slight variations in size, it is important to note that college football goals, men’s soccer goals, and women’s soccer goals tend to have the same dimensions as FIFA soccer goals. What is most likely to differ between leagues, associations, and age groups is the actual form. FIFA allows goalposts to be rectangular, round, square, or elliptical, provided the design does not pose a threat to players, structurally or otherwise.


Soccer goals can be made from various combinations of materials. For example, in World Cup matches, the goalposts and crossbars are usually made of metal, various steel alloys to be exact. However, the rule book also allows for wood and other accepted materials.

Steel is still the top choice due to its greater rigidity and how easy it is to cast into desired shapes. Weather-resistant powder coatings are applied to prevent the posts from rusting as many games are played in the rain and snow.

But soccer goals can also be made of plastic. In fact, plastic is often the material of choice for portable soccer goals, kids soccer goals, or practice soccer goals. While it is not as durable and rigid as steel, wood, and other composites, it does have clear advantages when it comes to price and portability. Another aspect related to the materials of soccer goals is the net goal. Nets can be made of jute, hemp, nylon, or other synthetic materials. Materials don’t always matter as much as the actual weave of the mesh and the thickness of the net.

Best Soccer Goals, Nets & Rebounders For Backyard in 2021

Kid-Friendly Assembly

A kid-friendly setup depends more on the size and weight of the goalposts and frame than on the actual design. Almost all soccer goals follow the same design: two posts, a crossbar, and a small baseline frame to create a draped net. This means that, in most cases, there are very few connection points to worry about.

Most practice goals are not fastened with screws, but with gaskets. This allows them to be disassembled in a matter of minutes, usually even faster than it takes to remove the net and fold it up for transport. Anything that involves screws, nuts, and bolts will be more difficult to set up. Although they lack durability, folding soccer goals are fine for kids and can be set up without adult supervision.

Regulation size permanently installed soccer goals have the goalposts fused with the crossbar. They require the installation of specialized equipment. But you don’t have to worry about them as you don’t usually order them online. Instead, he makes, delivers, and installs them, which is clearly not a kid’s job.


Professional-size soccer goals are rarely designed to be portable. However, many driving ranges have lightweight goal posts that are not driven into the ground. They are held up through a small frame that extends back from the posts. That is also the component responsible for the net depth. Some of these lightweight aluminum soccer goals can be moved around the field, carried by multiple people, to accommodate various practice drills. But that doesn’t make them really portable. They are also not considered safe enough for professional games.

These are in a similar way to hockey goals. But most of them will also feature an additional support beam between the top corners of the goal and the baseline of the frame. This is also used to provide additional net depth. There are other types of soccer goals that deserve the nickname of portables. For example, soccer goals for children or small practice goals are what we might call portable. They are often collapsible and can be considerably smaller than regulation soccer goals.

What is its main purpose? To set up youth soccer fields or to allow you to practice your precision shots. Keep in mind that these types of portable soccer goals are not always well-founded, and hitting powerful shots right on the mark can send the goals flying.

Anchoring system

Depending on the type of soccer goal you are looking for, you can expect three types of anchoring systems.


In grounded soccer goals, part of the goalposts is underground. They are inserted and secured in soil sleeves, generally 36 ”deep in the ground. This provides superior rigidity and stability against powerful hits or against players coming into contact with the posts.


Ungrounded frame-type soccer goals do not actually have an anchoring system. They simply rely on the counterweight provided by the extended baseline frame to support the goalposts for the duration of the game.


Hybrid anchoring systems can offer variations on the systems mentioned above. However, they are mainly used to better secure football goals that are not on the ground. In some cases, the anchoring system will allow you to anchor the net and frame to give the goal better impact resistance.

Sometimes soccer goals don’t come with good anchoring systems or no anchoring system for that matter. In the case of children’s soccer goals or small indoor goals, portability is often more important than an anchoring system.

Therefore, you can use weights to give stability to the soccer goal. Sandbags can work well when placed at key points on the frame.

Benefits Of Buying Your Own Backyard Soccer Goal

While there are many reasons you can benefit from having your own backyard soccer goal, I’ve narrowed it down to three key reasons.

Shaping understanding of the game from an early age. While little soccer players don’t even need real soccer shoes to start playing, they would benefit from having a real soccer goal. A portable, pop-up soccer goal helps even the youngest players understand the concept of the game.

Train with any coach, any player, at any time. Is your son’s uncle a talented former soccer player? Turn that afternoon barbecue into a mini-training session and let your little one learn new skills firsthand from his uncle during a family fight. Or gather all the neighborhood kids and let them play an impromptu game, no need to find cardboard boxes of the same size to match the goals.

Best Soccer Goals, Nets & Rebounders For Backyard in 2021

• Improve your player’s confidence. If your soccer star is frustrated after practice or a game, installing a soccer goal in the yard allows him to practice on his own, correcting mistakes made during training. With no other players or coaches, your soccer star can practice free kicks and advanced target shooting as desired and feel more confident the next time he takes the field.

5 Best Soccer Goals, Nets & Rebounders For Backyard in 2021


You can choose between GOLME’s 2.5 foot and 4-foot soccer goals. That means it has a distance of 2.5 feet or 4 feet between the posts. As you can see, these are designed for backyard play or your average target practice.

The design is not traditional, as rather than the two-post and crossbar design, the target is actually more like an archway or igloo entrance with a net attached to the back.

This makes it a lot of fun and entertaining for kids, as well as very convenient to pack and transport. GOLME Pro soccer goals come in pairs and with their own transport bags. So you can take them with you and have fun on the beach, at the campsite, in the park, wherever you want. Note that they do not float, so the pole is out of the question.


  • Promote good family fun
  • Durable frame
  • Light and portable
  • Carry bag included
  • Come in pairs


  • Non-traditional soccer goal design


Sport Squad offers a pair of rectangular-shaped soccer goals that are quite good for practicing your precision shots in the backyard. The goals are 4 ‘x 3’, which also makes them ideal for toddlers and kids looking to have fun.

The anchor system seems reliable as long as you don’t hit the ball as hard as if your life depended on it. Steel stakes do a good job of keeping soccer goals grounded and also have anti-rust protection. You can enjoy these lenses for a long time.

If you’re looking for something you can take with you, these goals fit the bill. In addition to being small, they are also foldable, as most soccer goals of this size tend to be. They can be reduced to 16.5 “x 2.5” when folded. The network also seems quite durable, which is good, as it is usually the first component to fail in most cases.


  • Carry bag included
  • Steel stakes
  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight
  • Sold in pairs


  • The frame is a bit flimsy
  • Only available in one size


As long as you can get a few extra accessories for your money, things are looking good. If you don’t need two goals, you can spend almost as much as you would on a couple of backyard soccer goals and get a ball and a bomb, too.

This MGA set proves to be one of the best deals and thoughtful packages for kids just starting out in soccer. The ball is one size smaller than a regulation ball, which makes it easier for children to kick and control it.

The actual goal is colored and padded to ensure the protection of the goalkeeper. What’s also good is the added stability. This MGA soccer goal may not need additional sandbags or stakes. The hockey-style frame offers enough counterweight at the back to keep the posts up.


  • Ball and pump included
  • Collapsible design
  • Stable
  • Padded posts
  • Good net


  • Only one soccer goal


The 2-in-1 soccer goal can be used for soccer and field hockey. The posts are padded to protect children and also increase the durability of the goal posts. Step2 offers this soccer goal as a package with the following items: soccer ball, street hockey puck, pitching ball, and two hockey sticks. The only thing missing would be a small bomb for the soccer ball.

The goal has minimal use on ice; the network is not fine enough to stop the disks. The best thing to do is to place it on firm ground and use the provided throwing balls to practice your shots. On the other hand, the network is a dual function network. You’ll notice that once the target is set, you can step behind it and use the back of the exercise net to catch the puck.


  • Many accessories included
  • 2-in-1 net
  • Protective padding
  • Simple assembly
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not as stable as others


Soccer Goals

As a pop-up goal, this model features a circular design, nothing like a traditional soccer goal. However, it is one of the most durable and stable constructions on the market. PUGG uses a slightly deeper net and thicker frame to make incoming shots feel more rewarding. The net is also of high quality, which is one of the reasons these pop-up soccer goals are a bit more expensive.

The dimensions are pretty standard for this price and this design, except for the net that has more depth. The distance between the posts is 4 feet on the ground. The highest point of the arch is 2.5 feet.


  • Durable frame
  • Strong net
  • Simple assembly
  • Carry bag included
  • Good size for pickup games


  • Expensive in pairs

So these were our picks for the top 5 Soccer Goals you can buy today. You can choose any of these Soccer Goals as all these Soccer Goals are best-selling online in India.

We hope you find the one that best suits your needs. In case of these Soccer Goals don’t suit you or you want more options, just click here. You will get more Soccer Goals like these that are the best in the category. You can check their reviews and compare their features and prices before making your purchase decision.


FAQS: Best Soccer Goals, Nets & Rebounders For Backyard in 2021

Should you get a portable or permanent soccer goal?

This completely depends on the type of lens you need, your budget, and your playing space. Portable soccer goals are lighter, can be folded up, and can be moved quite easily for storage. They are excellent for practice, training, and even games on public fields, where permanent goals cannot be installed. Portable goals are temporarily installed with simple anchors, which can be removed when the game is over.

They come in all sizes, designs, and prices, from affordable entry-level training rebounders for youth players to more expensive, full-size, tournament-style 8 ‘x 24’ goals. Portable goals are generally less expensive than their permanently installed counterparts, mainly due to their lower weight.

Permanent, semi-permanent, or ground soccer goals? They are among the heaviest and most expensive soccer goals on the market. They are also the most durable, reliable, stable, safe, and high-performance lenses out there.

This is because, with robust aluminum frames and anchors and shoes on the ground, these goals take a lot of use and remain stable even during the most intense game. Due to their cost and the space required, permanent or ground-mounted soccer goals are ideal for soccer clubs, schools, professional teams, stadiums, and soccer fields all year round, with plenty of space and a pitch dedicated to football or all year round. league or team.

How much should I spend on a soccer goal?

In most cases, it’s worth spending more on a really good soccer goal. If you pay a premium for a great quality network, you should expect it to last half a decade or even longer. This does not mean that you should buy the most expensive lens you can find. Some of the common problems with cheaper target networks are worth noting:

Soccer Goals
  • They can be quite flimsy, which can result in the goal falling over in high winds.
  • The crossbar may begin to sag in the middle over time.
  • The ground pegs may not be strong enough to hold the goal in place when shooting particularly hard.
  • You may experience signs of wear and tear, like small holes appearing in the net.
  • The goal may break altogether, due to the net clips snapping for example.

There are good deals in the mid-budget category. However, be sure to carefully review the product reviews before purchasing.

What is a portable soccer goal good for?

Portable soccer goals can have multiple uses. The most popular use is as a good practice tool. By having a soccer goal that you can take anywhere and even install in your own backyard, you will have much more practice time.

Being able to consistently practice with a goal will help you improve your skills much faster. Portable goals can also be used for impromptu games with friends or teammates. Since they tend to be smaller than standard soccer goals, they are especially good for smaller games when you don’t have full teams to play with.

Are soccer goal posts round or square?

A goal must be placed in the center of each goal line. One objective consists of two equidistant vertical publications of the corners and joined at the top by a horizontal transverse bar. The posts and the transverse bar are made of wood, metal, or other approved material. They are square, rectangular, round, or elliptical and are placed in the center of each goal line.

The distance (internal measurement) between the posts is 3 m and the distance from the lower edge of the transverse bar to the ground is 2 m.

Both the objectives and the transverse bar have the same width and depth, at 8 cm. Networks are made of hemp, jute or nylon, or other approved material and attached to the back of the posts and the transverse bar. Porters and crossbars are different colors of tone.


Remember, soccer is not just a game, it is a lifestyle. And we Soccer Players deserve nothing but the best when it comes to practicing. When it comes to soccer goals, cheap prices should not be prioritized over a higher quality product with a longer shelf life.

You better be very selective when you want to buy these best soccer goals because what matters the most is whether the backyard soccer goal manages to stay stable and firm on the ground. And that’s why we hope you’ve enjoyed reviewing our list of the best portable soccer goals, combining products that give you the best features on the market at very affordable prices.

Additionally, we look forward to guiding you through the basics of these best portable soccer goals with our buyer’s guide and clearing up your queries with our short FAQ section. Let us know if you’ve found one of the best backyard soccer goals yet and we’ll see you soon with more exciting sporting goods.

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