6 Best Baby Chairs To Buy In 2022: Complete Buying Guide

Best Baby Chairs

6 Best Baby Chair To Buy In 2022: Complete Buying Guide – Baby Floor Seat

If your baby still can’t sit up on his own and you’re looking to cross a few things off your to-do list, you need a seat on the floor. By using one of these seats on the floor, your baby can hang out in a safe place, giving you a few hands-free moments to mix her formula.

There’s plenty of variety to choose from, too – some floor seats feature toys and rattles in addition to a full back, while others include easy-to-clean trays for feeding sessions. Some infant floor seats are ideal for families who travel a lot, and others are better to use at home.

Take a look at these infant floor seats that will give your child a whole new view of the world. Just keep in mind that your child should be able to hold their head up without support and make sure the seat is positioned securely on the floor.

Are Baby Chairs Safe?

If you choose to use a baby floor seat, follow these guidelines:

  • These seats must be used, as their name implies, on the floor. Placing these seats on countertops, beds or sofas represents a safety hazard for your baby, where they risk falling. Note that some seats attach to chairs and convert to a booster seat; Using the seat in this manner is safe if recommended by the seat manufacturer.
  • Never leave your baby unsupervised in a seat on the floor.
  • Carefully review your seat manual to make sure your baby meets the age, developmental stage and weight guidelines. Do not start using it before the age recommended by the manufacturer and stop using it at the age, stage or weight recommended by your seat manual.
  • Floor infant seats should be used for short periods of time, usually no more than 15 minutes at a time. Placing a seat on the floor can be a bit restrictive. Spending too much time with limited movements hinders your babies’ vital muscle development.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Baby Chair

Take note of the following characteristics when shopping for the best baby seats for your child:


Padded and foam-based seats are always better than hard plastic. Your baby will be able to sit upright longer when he is comfortable in the seat of her choice. Therefore, she checks the quality of the seat when buying the seat.


The seat should have a high back to support your back. It should be designed in such a way that the baby’s waist, arms, and legs receive the necessary support. A well-designed chair will prevent any pain in the waist or hip region and allow you to move your legs freely.


You can choose a two-in-one or three-in-one infant floor seat that can be kept on the floor, in the chair, and on any safe flat surface for your baby to sit comfortably.


Select a baby seat or chair with a minimalist design that does not restrict your child and is lightweight to take with you wherever you go.


The floor seat you choose should have a safety harness to keep your baby in place. There should also be straps to tie the seat to a chair, to provide additional support and added security.

Consider the features when selecting an infant floor seat and follow safety precautions while your little one is in the seat. To make the process easier, compare product features and costs before making your final decision.

6 Best Baby Chairs To Buy In 2022: Complete Buying Guide



Let your baby sit comfortably on the floor with the help of this comfortable infant floor seat. It comes in different designs, including a panda, geo blue, and frog legs. You can choose any that you find attractive.


Brand: Fisher-Price
Color: Honeycomb
Style: Blue Geo
Age Range: Baby
Dimensions: 8.27 x 10.43 x 12 Inches
Weight: 0.85 Pounds


  • Comes with a soft and comfy pad
  • Has two toys attached
  • Can be folded to save space
  • Offers support from all sides
  • Has a sturdy and wide base


  • Could restrict movements
  • Size may not be adjustable



The infant floor seat has a contoured design and is made of durable material. It is suitable for babies and could help keep them safe. The deep seat and the wider base offer comfort to the baby. Color options include gray, blue, aqua, pink, and magenta.


Brand: Bumbo
Color: Cool Grey
Material: Foam
Age Range: Baby
Dimensions: 14.96 x 14.96 x 9.25 Inches
Weight: 2.91 Pounds


  • Promotes good posture
  • Comes with a three-point harness
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can be wiped clean easily
  • Provides comfort and stability


  • Restricts baby’s movements
  • Could be too small for some babies



The three-in-one product can be used as a child seat on the floor, a feeding chair, and a booster seat. It comes with an adjustable strap and is available in different colors including aqua, blue, magenta, and light pink. The infant floor seat has a tray for your baby to feel comfortable when he is hungry.


Brand: Bumbo
Color: Aqua
Material: Foam
Age Range: Baby
Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 13 Inches
Weight: 5.49 Pounds


  • Has a soft, removable foam
  • Can be used on chair or floor
  • Provides back support
  • Comes with a three-point harness
  • Has a removable tray


  • Comes in one size only
  • May show signs of wear and tear in just a few months



Let your little one sit upright in this floor seat, which can also be used as a feeding seat or as a booster seat. You can keep it on the floor or clip it to the chair so that your baby sits upright and looks around, has a snack or just plays.


Brand: Summer Infant
Color: Aqua
Material: Fabric
Is Portable: Yes
Dimensions: 18.25 x 8.25 x 14.25 Inches
Weight: 1.7 Kilograms


  • Safe and comfortable
  • Comes with a soft cushioned seat
  • Can be washed easily
  • Available in aqua and gray colors
  • Provides support to the hips, waist, and legs


  • Could be wobbly
  • Straps may not be sturdy



Your baby can sit comfortably in this premium floor seat with a tray wide enough to hold a bowl and a nibble plate. The small seat is also sturdy and keeps your baby safe so you can focus on household chores without worrying.


Brand: Little Tikes
Color: Green
Material: Foam
Age Range: Baby
Is Portable: Yes
Care Instructions: ‎Hand Washable


  • Ample opening space for legs
  • Sturdy and anti-slip base
  • High back for support
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Comes with safety belts


  • Only one size available



You can stop worrying about your baby’s sitting position once you get this infant floor seat, which is ideal for babies from four months to 2.5 years. It has a tray for snacks and is also sturdy and portable.


Brand: Upseat
Color: Blue
Material: Polyurethane
Is Portable: ‎Yes
Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 10 inches
Weight: 5.4 Pounds


  • Made of premium-quality material
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Promotes good posture
  • Can be kept on the floor or fixed on a chair
  • Can hold 30lb of weight


  • It May is not comfortable for all babies

FAQS: Best Baby Chairs To Buy In 2022

Which infant floor seats have the biggest trays?

The Bumbo floor seat has the largest smooth tray, 8 x 13.5 inches, but is sold separately. The Little Tikes floor seat has a comparable tray but is thinner than the Bumbo tray.

The Ingenuity Baby base has a smaller tray compared to the Bumbo, but it has a dedicated drink holder and a clever stash. The Prince Lionheart Seat Tray is a decent size and includes a toy, but the hardest to clean due to the cracks.

Both the 3-Stage Super Summer Seat and the Deluxe Super Summer Seat have the largest wrap-around trays that provide more floor space. The Summer Super Seat has 2 cup holders, while the Deluxe version does not.

How Can I Safely Use My Baby Floor Seat?

Using a floor infant seat safely is fairly straightforward. All a parent needs to do is insert the baby correctly into the seat, making sure the legs stick out of the two-leg holes and that her little one is well balanced. If there is a harness, tighten it. And that’s it.

However, there are two vital things to remember.

First of all, at the risk of sounding a bit obvious, an infant floor seat should only be used on the floor. Avoid putting them on tables or counters, as there is a real possibility that it will tip over and have disastrous consequences. Second, never place an infant in an infant seat on the floor if it exceeds the manufacturer’s maximum weight recommendations.

Are Baby Floor Seats Portable?

Some infant floor seats are easy to move around town on a whim, while others are too big and bulky to leave the house. If you want a product that you can take to Grandma’s house (or anywhere else), check the weight and size of the item.

Another factor that affects portability is whether the floor seat can be folded up and stored in the trunk of the family sedan. Our favorite folding floor seat is the Summer Pop ‘n Sit Portable Booster Chair.


There is no question that floor infant seats are a useful item to have as your child grows. However, there are many factors that must be considered before you can commit to a specific seat. It’s important to consider the different features, the budget, and even the intended use before committing to buying the best infant floor seats.

This review guide should have helped you understand what options are available to you and which one might be the best to choose from.

You should check out this best infant floor seats review guide and decide which of these 6-deck seats will suit you best. One of these will be the right one for you and your family. If you find this review guide helpful, feel free to share it with your friends; The more people we can help locate the best infant floor seats, the better!

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