What Is The Awakened Devil Fruit In One Piece?

Awakened Devil Fruit

What Is The Awakened Devil Fruit In One Piece?

Devil fruits can give a person various powers. When someone unleashes the full potential of their Devil Fruit, knowingly or unknowingly, by mastering the use of Devil Fruit or by other means, it is called “Awakening.”

Not much information on the how and what of Awakening has been revealed, but as far as we know, different types of devil fruits can awaken in different ways.

Awakening’s first mention / appearance was in Impel Down’s “Demon Guards”. They were said to be Zoan types awake. Their awakening allows them to remain in that enormous shape indefinitely, and gives them greater size, strength, endurance, and stamina.


Has it ever bothered you that when many devil fruit eaters change in size, their clothes don’t tear, but simply change throughout their bodies? That seems to be the case for most of them, like Luffy and Chopper, with only a few exceptions, like Jewelry Bonney.

Basically, it is as if their clothes are affected by the devil fruits and they change in the same way that their bodies do. But what if this ability could also be extended to someone’s environment? It is something that happens very rarely, and what it essentially does is increase the user’s devil fruit powers.

We don’t really know anything about how this awakening happens, but we do know that it unlocks more power and new abilities for the respective user. The changes that happen depend on the class of each devil fruit, which makes awakening quite interesting.



The Paramecia devil fruit is the most common type among the three. It grants its users abilities that affect their body, manipulate their environment or produce substances.

STRENGTHS: The Paramecia fruit has the highest skill variance. Some of the strongest characters in the series are Paramecia users. It is also well suited to users who are physically weak, allowing them to triumph over those stronger than themselves by using their skills creatively.

WEAKNESSES: Paramecia is the only type of Devil Fruit where there is a chance that you will gain a useless ability.


Zoan’s Devil Fruit allows its user to transform into another species, at will. Provides the user with three basic forms: Human Form, Human Beast Form, and Beast Form.

STRENGTHS: Zoan types are effective when it comes to close combat. In its hybrid form, Zoan users can also enhance their senses.

WEAKNESSES: Zoan users primarily rely on their fighting instinct to win battles, but to move up the food chain, they must master a wider variety of skills.


Devil Fruit Lodge allows users to transform into natural elements or forces of nature. They are often considered the most powerful and the rarest of the three types.

STRENGTHS: Logia users can create, control or transform their bodies, partially or totally, into an element. They can also divide or separate their bodies into multiple parts. Elemental bodies can almost nullify enemy attacks, making them nearly invincible.

WEAKNESSES: Some Lodge abilities are weak compared to other items / abilities. Although Logia users are virtually invincible against elemental attacks, they cannot recover from blows that damage their physical bodies.


There is always a price to pay for having special abilities. Becoming a Devil Fruits user does not make one truly invincible, as there are a couple of weaknesses they possess. Also, people around them may label devil fruit eaters as “monsters” or “useless”, especially when the skills they acquire are a bit useless and when they lose the ability to swim.

One Piece Devil Fruit Luffy DrowningDevil Fruit users are known to be completely defenseless when submerged in water. It not only applies to seawater, but to all kinds of bodies of water, including Skypiea’s White Sea. Moving water, such as rain, does not affect the user.

Even if only a small part of the user’s body is submerged, they still cannot use their Devil Fruit abilities. Losing the ability to swim for devil fruit users who are pirates or marines can be really dangerous. One Piece Devil Fruit Wives: It is a special substance that has the same energies as the sea.

Drains the energy of the devil fruit eaters and prevents them from using their abilities. The user is weakened depending on the amount of physical contact they have with the Sea-Prism stone. The Marines use this weakness against the Devil Fruit pirates by crafting large quantities of handcuffs, jail cells, and weapons with Sea-Prism Stones.

Is Luffy’s Devil Fruit awakened?

Luffy’s Devil Fruit, the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber Rubber Fruit), will definitely awaken at some point in the series. His mastery of it will be limited since something like this requires years of practice.

Is Robin’s Devil Fruit awakened?

So as of right now, I think Robin is most likekly to awaken first. She has the level of mastery over her fruit currently, that suggest she is approaching its pinnacle before awakening as she has so much feats of ingenuity with its usage. As well as power with her Giant limbs that she unlocked.


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