CBD Cat Treats

A Look at CBD Cat Treats: Complete Guide In 2021

A Look at CBD Cat Treats: Complete Guide In 2021

The use of cannabidiol (CBD) is slowly becoming commonplace among many people. Its ability to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety, among its many other health benefits has endeared it to the hearts of many. Nowadays, CBD is being administered to animals and pets as well. Humans have understood the many benefits this chemical compound has to offer, have thought it fair to include it in pets’ diets since they also suffer pain, stress, and anxiety.

Although the popularity of this cannabinoid has grown tremendously over the past decade, there are still a lot of people who are yet to grasp what it is exactly. If you’re one of such people, it is nothing to be ashamed of and we’ll get you up to speed on what it is all about. 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol along with over 100 other cannabinoids are chemical compounds derived from cannabis. It is mostly gotten from the hemp plant which is a variant of cannabis; it can also be gotten from marijuana, which is also another species of cannabis, howbeit, in smaller quantities. 

Both marijuana and hemp contain cannabidiol but its composition in the former is far less than in the latter. Marijuana mostly contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and a minute quantity of CBD, while the reverse is the case with hemp. Many people get confused and skeptical because of the relationship between these two plants and avoid CBD products since it is somewhat connected to marijuana, a psychoactive plant. Click here to learn more about THC. 

However, what these people are unaware of is the fact that cannabidiol isn’t psychoactive in any way because it contains less than 0.3 percent of THC, the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana that causes a high. CBD will not get you high no matter the quantity you consume, you’ll only end up giving yourself a stomachache. 

While cannabidiol is commonly used to relieve anxiety, stress, and pain, it offers a lot more health benefits. It is used in treating epilepsy, seizures, and has been found to stall the growth of cancer cells.  According to medical research experts, research and studies into other illnesses that can be treated with the chemical look promising. 

How is CBD Consumed?

There are several products and ways that have been developed by which people can consume this chemical. Some people do so topically, by applying skincare products that have the cannabinoid as its main ingredients. Others prefer smoking or vaping as its effect can be felt much faster this way. 

This is because it travels straight to the lungs from where it diffuses into the bloodstream for quick action. CBD can also be eaten by adding extracts like CBD oil to food. The most common method, however, that people employ in consuming this chemical through edibles is gummies. 

Gummies are candies made chiefly from cannabidiol. They are like every other candy out there and are the best way to conveniently take cannabidiol without letting other people know. One thing that is worth noting about gummies is that they may take up to two hours before the effect of the chemical kicks in. 

Can I give CBD to My Cat?

Managing anxiety is a common concern for many cat owners. For some cats, it would only take something big like a change of environment to cause anxiety, while for others, simply leaving them at home for work is enough to cause upheaval. 

To this end, many cat owners seek ways to reduce or eliminate anxiety in their pets. Consulting veterinarians or exploring behavioral therapy are some of the steps cat owners take to handle the situation. One thing is certain though, cat owners just want to keep their beloved pets healthy and happy. Visit https://www.everydayhealth.com/pet-health/common-cat-health-problems.aspx to learn more about other cat health problems. 

While the use of cannabidiol for humans is being studied medically and scientifically, research into how the compound can affect animal health, especially cats is still in its infancy. Some studies have shown that the chemical is effective as pain relief for dogs with osteoarthritis. That said, some cat owners have adopted the use of this compound due to many anecdotal evidence.

Many owners have reported a positive change in their cats’ anxiety levels after treatment with cannabidiol. Others say it is also effective in relieving pain, and even some holistic veterinarians make use of it. 

What appears to be the main concern when it comes to administering CBD to cats is the issue of dosage. Side effects is also high on the list but with proper dosage, side effects like mild sedation can be eliminated. So, is CBD safe for your cat?

Well, from what other pet parents and vets say, CBD is safe for cats as no serious health problem results from its consumption. One may also find solace in the fact that it has been found to be beneficial to humans and dogs. 

What CBD Products should I Give to My Cat?

There are several CBD cat treats available on the market for cats and pets in general. There are cat crunchies, chews, sprays, oils, and even lickable treats in form of pastes. Not all products are as good, so you’d want to be careful when shopping.

You should lookout for the following:

  • The percentage of CBD present in each serving of the treat
  • Where the hemp used in its production is grown (should be in the U.S., preferably).
  • Fact panel
  • Suggested use.


If you’ll be giving CBD oil to your pet, do not administer it sublingually but rather, mix it with its food. For other treats, make sure they aren’t taken on a full stomach for easy absorption. Most importantly, you should monitor how your pet reacts to different dosages until you find the one that is perfect for it. 

Giving CBD Oil Tincture to Pets

CBD Cat Treats

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