855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know In 2023

855 Area Code

855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know In 2023

A telephone numbering plan is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunication to assign telephone numbers to subscriber telephones or other telephony endpoints. Telephone numbers are the addresses of participants in a telephone network, reachable by a system of destination code routing.

Telephone numbering plans are defined in each of administrative regions of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and they are also present in private telephone networks.

For public number systems, geographic location plays a role in the sequence of numbers assigned to each telephone subscriber.

855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know In 2023

A call to 855 could come from anywhere in the United States. He could be from Philadelphia, Alabama, or Alaska. Unlike geographic area codes, toll-free numbers don’t give us much information about their origins.

It is a free service provided by many companies today, particularly wireless carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile). Before the 855 area code was introduced to society, this free service had the 800 area code.

When changes were made that required people dial 1 + area code before local phone numbers to direct their call where they wanted it to go, phone companies quickly discovered that the 800 area code wasn’t enough to support this. It was then that the now infamous 855 telephone number was created, and its use began.

The prefix 855 is the country code for Cambodia, so be careful to check if it is a toll-free number or a call from Cambodia.

Like all other toll-free numbers, it’s a non-geographic area code, meaning it doesn’t belong to any particular state. Calls to 855 can come from anywhere in the country and sometimes abroad. Toll-free numbers are not restricted to one area in the standard area codes.

It’s no wonder why many people think this phone service has a connection to scams – they got scammed! The formerly free service (800) is now used for scams to take advantage of people illegally.

The 855 area code is one of the toll-free numbers of the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC. It can be used within the US and Canada based on the North American numbering plan.

855 is one of the toll-free area codes, and the others are 800, 833, 844, 866, 877, and 888. These are customer service lines used by businesses and facilities that would be charged to the recipient of the call. Caller ID The 855 area code, in particular, became operational on July 29, 2000.

855 Country Code

Country codes are a little different. If you’re living in the United States, you might not even know that your country code is +1.

This is why you’ll often see toll free numbers that look like this:

+1 800-###-####

Country codes are prefixed with a ‘+’ while area codes don’t have a symbol before it.

In Cambodia, the country code is +855.

The Future of Toll Free Prefixes

Decades ago, we really only saw 800. Then came 888 and then 877. With only 7 digits in a US phone number, there are 7,919,900 possible combinations.

We will run out and others will be restricted (ie. 800–000–0000).

You’ll likely see some new toll free prefixes come out in your lifetime. It’s always best to check where they come from to ensure you’re not charged additional fees.

No city has the area code 855. It is a toll-free area code used throughout the United States and Canada. The calls are free to the caller because the receiving party pays the long distance charges. You cannot tell who is calling from that number and it is highly likely it is a scam of some sort.

855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know In 2023
855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know In 2023

How can you trace an 855 area code?

The real question is – does calling it back deliver the people you want to track?

If not, then it’s just a scam and while you could trace that call, it’d take a lot of effort, many subpoenas, and most law enforcement offices won’t entertain the amount of effort it will take when you start subpoenaing tandem operators, long-distance companies, and other things.

If so, that’s an entirely different question. The route when you call a toll free number can be subpoenaed from Somos, and then you can subpoena the carriers whose CICs are listed in the CAD/CPR (or TAD/PAD) record as well as the RespOrg who controls the number for subscriber information.

Ultimately every call originates from somewhere. Whether it’s worth the effort is the hard part, and convincing someone with subpoena authority of that is harder yet.

Is area code 855 a scam?

Given today’s online conveniences like selecting and customizing your number, there has been an increase in confidence scam tricks that lure people into thinking a legitimate business is contacting them because of the toll-free area code. Using.

These scammers often pose as banks and businesses obtaining personal information from unsuspecting people. Fraudulent calls can come from 855 numbers, so it’s best to check with an official government agency before answering.

Other times, these scammers would pose as the IRS or Internal Revenue Service when, in fact, they are not. Determined to get you to pay, these people will threaten to arrest you if you don’t provide them with your personal information and payment plan details.

Don’t be a victim of a scam. If someone calls you and claims to be from a bank’s customer service, look up the business and its contact number. If it seems suspicious, hang up and block the number immediately.

How do other toll-free area codes differ to 855?

If you haven’t heard of an 855 area code, you’ve probably heard of an 800 or 888 number. Or you may have seen an 833, 844, 866, or 877 area code. These codes are free prefixes that tell your customers that you will cover the cost of the phone call.

There is no functional difference between any of these area codes. They all serve the same purpose. But having seven unique principles ensures that companies will always be able to claim their toll-free numbers when needed.

In 1996, the 888 area code was created after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which assigns toll-free numbers, ran out of 800 numbers. More principles were later developed as the 888 numbers also grew in popularity. So while toll-free phone numbers are popular, newer options like the 833 and 855 area codes ensure you never have to fight to get one.

Should I call back on an 855 number, or would I end up being a victim of their scam?

If a number calls you that you don’t recognize and you haven’t initiated the call, doesn’t matter the area code even yours, DONT call back. If they have left a message and it sounds legit make your decision but even at that be careful.

It’s bad enough when it’s telemarketers but if legit you can probably count on actually getting your purchase or service. The present day atmosphere however is that the likelihood of it being a scammer is high and they just want information so they can access your accounts. Cynical I know but don’t want you ripped off. Any area codes from 001-999 be cautious of.

P.S. Just cause it needs said. It’s immaterial where any area code originally was designated as belonging to what location. With scamner technology any number they use can be coming from anywhere. A local area code doesn’t mean it’s a local number calling.

How does law enforcement use the 855 area codes?

As a general matter, law enforcement does not use 855 for anything.

But law enforcement is interested in 855 calls and call-backs, because this toll-free area code is apparently in wide use for scams, of various types. They want to shut down the scams, and where appropriate to arrest and charge the scammers with crimes they may have committed.

Toll-free calling began with the use of an 800 code. It became so popular for business use that several other area codes were assigned for toll-free calling.

The toll-free codes currently in use are 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855. The prefixes 844, 833, and 822 are reserved for future toll-free use.

811 and 899 are not assigned, so if you get a call from either of those, it is probably a scam. However, 899 is a valid area code in Mexico.

855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know In 2023

Most businesses which use toll-free numbers are legitimate, and it is safe to buy from them. However, use caution in giving someone your credit card number, and never give out your Social Security number or Medicare number to anyone on a toll-free line.

Personally, I have a separate debit card that I use only for online and phone-order purchases. It connects to a bank account I use only for those purchases. I keep less than $100 in that account. When I make a larger purchase, I transfer the amount of that purchase into the account, from my main bank account, at the time of the purchase. That avoids anyone from getting into my account and emptying it.

Law enforcement, and my bank, agree entirely with this.

Are 855 numbers always free?

855 numbers do not charge you as the caller and, as such, can be considered free. However, some providers would still bill you according to your contract.

If it is a pay-per-minute service, your rate would depend on the duration of the call, and if it is a fixed monthly rate, then an additional or incremental amount could be applied to your usual pace for these calls. It depends on what’s in the contract, so be sure to ask first before using them just in case.

This phone number is not “toll-free” all the time. People on a tight budget can benefit from it during off-peak hours, usually at night, on weekends, on Sunday mornings, and the eve of holidays. You have to call your phone company and set it up, so calls out of state during off-peak hours are free.

There have been complaints about scammers claiming to be from the 855 area code but actually from other countries looking for ways to take advantage of people by offering “free prizes,” which turns out to be a scam.

Since the 855 area code appears to be from the US, they often gain the trust and safety of the victim by giving them false hope of winning free prizes and, in turn, taking money from them.

It’s best not to get involved with scammers, especially phone scams. Also, if you ever come across anything like this or similar, please immediately contact your service provider and report the incident so we can prevent more people from falling into their traps. Remember to be vigilant and informed about things like this so you don’t get caught!

Benefits of getting an 855 toll-free phone number

So what makes toll-free numbers so popular with businesses? They are very beneficial for companies of all sizes. You can experience four benefits when you get an 855 or other toll-free numbers.

1. Attract a more extensive customer base

Local numbers can help you attract customers from a small geographic area, but toll-free numbers can help you reach a more extensive customer base. Your caller ID will not suggest that you operate exclusively in one city. Instead, toll-free numbers show your potential customers that you’re ready to serve customers across North America.

In this sense, an 855 area code can help your business look more prominent, even if it’s a team of one. Your number can help you earn a well-rounded global business reputation as you start targeting clients abroad.

Also, if you offer a 24/7 sales or customer support line, a toll-free number assures customers that they don’t have to worry about time zones before calling.

2. Show your legitimacy

Dialing a local number is a lot like calling a friend. While this can help local businesses build relationships with customers, it can diminish the legitimacy of a national or international company. 

On the other hand, a toll-free number shows customers that you mean business. Established brands use Toll-free numbers so often that customers can see you as an industry leader once you bring an 855 area code into play.

855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know In 2023
855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know In 2023

3. Get more incoming calls

Toll-free numbers can help your business achieve higher call volumes. You’re giving customers a more convenient way to communicate with your live team members, even if they live abroad. 

When customers know they don’t have to worry about the cost before each call, they’ll have a better customer experience. Covering customers’ long-distance charges is an easy way to show your appreciation and encourage them to continue working with you.

Using a toll-free number can also help you convert leads. People interested in your products or services don’t want to pay long-distance fees just to learn more, even before investing in your brand. By taking on those fees, you get them talking one-on-one with a live sales rep, who can provide personalized service and make your brand the obvious choice.

4. Make your phone number memorable

A typical local number is rarely memorable, but toll-free numbers can get stuck in your head for years; catchy jingles are optional.

When you get a toll-free number, you don’t just have the option of choosing a unique string of numbers. You can also choose a custom number, such as 1-800-FLOWERS. This can help you brand your business so customers remember how to call you, even if they don’t get through right away.

Although 800 and 888 numbers, the original toll-free area codes, have fewer options due to their popularity, you can select from a wide range of phone number options when you choose an 855 area code.

How toll-free numbers work in the US and Canada

When your small business starts offering free calls, US and Canadian customers won’t have to pay for outgoing or incoming calls with your team. If a customer does not share their country code, the long-distance charges are usually passed on to your company. Do you want to avoid these additional charges? You have two great options.

First, you can manage your free calls through a VoIP phone system that offers unlimited free calls in the US and Canada. With OpenPhone, for example, US businesses won’t have to worry about the international fees that add up when working with Canadian customers.

Some toll-free phone numbers (including all OpenPhone numbers) are text-enabled. This means your customers in the US and Canada can text with your team without being charged and make calls.

Is area code 855 a VOIP number?

Area codes like this are usually associated with Voice over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, meaning the number is for a phone service where all calls use an Internet connection.

Since 855 is not VOIP, as it is considered a standard telephony service (phone related) and not VoIP related, you can make phone calls to these numbers using your existing phone line over the traditional switched telephone network. Circuits.

855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know In 2023

Suppose there is a problem with your dialing with your traditional phone lines. In that case, it is best to contact your telecom service provider so they can help you track down the problem, significantly if you have recently upgraded or even changed your equipment.

Remember that dialing rules are different depending on the country or carrier, so it is recommended to use an online phone number checker to find out how to dial these numbers in the US properly.

Are 855 numbers safe?

800, 888, 877, 866, and 855 are the only toll-free numbers in existence. Don’t let someone fool you into calling similar-sounding numbers just pocket your money. This is money laundering and is against the law. Report anything suspicious to the FCC.

How do I stop 855 calls?

Just go to the website donotcall.gov and enter the landline or cellphone number you want on the list. You can also call 1-888-382-1222 from any phone you want on the list. That’s all it takes, and your number stays on the list until you ask for it to be removed or you give up the number.

Are 855 numbers telemarketers?

White pages found that, other than toll free numbers such as 800, 866, 877, 888, and 855, the top 10 area codes Americans are receiving as spam are: 313 – Detroit. 713 – Houston. 954 – Fort Lauderdale.

How do you know a call is spam?

If you see “Suspected spam caller” or “Spam” as the caller ID, the call might be spam. You can answer the call, or block and report the number. If a call from someone you know is marked as spam, you can report the mistake.


The area code 855 is not associated with any particular region or city, province, country, or otherwise. It is the prefix for a toll-free number such as those beginning in 800, 888, 877, 866, and 844.

White pages found that, other than toll free numbers such as 800, 866, 877, 888, and 855, the top 10 area codes Americans are receiving as spam are: 313 – Detroit.

In the United States of America, Canada, and other countries participating in the North American Numbering Plan, a toll-free telephone number has one of the area codes 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. In addition, 899 is reserved as a member of the series x9x for future numbering plan expansion.

Is 855 a voip area code?

Yes, 855 numbers are commonly used with VoIP phone services. However, they can be provisioned on landlines as well. 855 gives VoIP providers more toll-free number options.


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