Where is 760 Area Code Located?

760 Area Code

Where is 760 Area Code Located?

The area code 760 is located in California. It was created in 1997, when area code 619 became full. Cell phone and pager numbers became popular at that time and created an overload on the phone lines. When 760 became full, the state added area code 442.

The area code covers most of southern California including Imperial, Inyo and Mono counties, plus parts of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside and Kern counties. It also covers Oceanside, Palm Springs, and Death Valley. The area is split due to the fact that some businesses refused to change their phone numbers after having used them for many years.

Getting Unknown Calls

If you receive frequent calls from the 760 area code but don’t know anyone in California, don’t worry. It could be a real phone call. If you’re unsure, let the call go to voicemail since it might be a telemarketer. If it’s a robocall or scam, the message the caller leaves (if any) will tip you off. If you answer and the person hangs up, chances are that it’s an automated call. Block the phone number and don’t bother trying to call back. No one ever answers.

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Returning Calls

If you think a call from the 760 area code, might be legit, do a reverse phone search to find out who is linked to the number. If the call is a scam or a telemarketer, you can use your phone to block the number – it will help to reduce the number of calls.

Reporting Unwanted Calls

If you talk to the caller and learn that it’s a telemarketer or scam, simply hang up. If the caller insists that you give out personal information or makes any kind of threat, report it immediately to law enforcement.

Also, if you haven’t done so, be sure to sign up on the National Do Not Call Registry. You only have to do it one time.

Area Code 760 located in California, but not all cities in California have the area code 760. There are many cities with area code 760 in California, such as: BoulevardCarlsbadEscondido and etc.

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How to make a call to the 760 area code?

  • If a caller is calling locally within the 760 area zone, they can use a 7-digit dialing code where they do not need to add the area to make the call. They can simply dial the 7 digits making up the phone number, usually presented in this form: XXX-XXXX.
  • If a caller is calling from outside the region and still within the United States, they use 10-digit dialing consisting of the 3-digit area code and the 7-digit phone number, usually presented in the following form: 760-XXX-XXXX.
  • If a caller is calling from outside the United States, they use an 11-digit dialing format consisting of the US country code (+1), the 3-digit area code (760), followed by the 7-digit phone number. The structure is usually presented as: +1 (760) XXX-XXX.

What time zone is the 760 area code located in?

The 760 area code territory is in the Pacific Time Zone (PT) and follows the standard time offset of UTC−08:00.

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Why is area code 760 so big?

Area code 760 is so big because it was created in 1997 to split the original 619 area code, which was running out of phone numbers. The 760 area code covers a large geographic area in Southern California, including the deserts, mountains, and rural areas.


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