714 Area Code – Information, Location Map & More

714 Area Code

714 Area Code – Information, Location Map & More

Ever wonder where the digits in your phone number come from and what do they mean? As you probably suspected, each segment has a reason for being there.

Like most codes, it contains information in each part that allows it to function properly and send your call to the right place. If you dial a phone number using even one digit more or less than the exact code (we’ve all tried it), you quickly realize that it just doesn’t work.

While we take for granted that phone numbers work and don’t really think about how this number connects our call, the system is made possible because those groups of numbers work together in the right way.

Now you can finally understand what each part of the phone number means and what it does.

714 Area Code – Information, Location Map & More

Area codes 714 is California telephone area codes covering northern Orange County, a portion of Los Angeles County, and the Sleepy Hollow and Carbon Canyon areas of Chino Hills in San Bernardino County.

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Cities in the 714 area codes include Tustin, Placentia, Anaheim, Buena Park, Costa Mesa (unique because it is split between the 714/657 and 949 area codes, at Wilson Street and along Newport Boulevard), Cypress, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Orange, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Villa Park, Yorba Linda, portions of La Habra, and most of Brea and Huntington Beach.

The original area code, 714, was split from area code 213 as a flash-cut in 1951. Originally, it included most of Southern California, generally south and east of Los Angeles, extending to the Arizona and Nevada.

State lines to the east, and south as far as the Mexican border (what is now area codes 442/760, 619, 858, 909, and 951). Despite Southern California’s explosive growth in the second half of the 20th century, this configuration remained in place for 31 years.

Finally, on January 1, 1982, most of the southern and eastern portion, centered around San Diego and the desert areas, became area code 619. In 1992, eastern Los Angeles and the Inland Empire became area code 909.

On April 18, 1998, the southern cities of Orange County were split from 714, creating area code 949.

By 2007, 714 was running out of numbers due to Southern California’s continued growth and the proliferation of cell phones and pagers. As a solution, area code 657 was overlaid onto the territory on September 23, 2008.

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What time zone is area code 714?

The area code 71-Four is located in the Pacific timezone. The Pacific time zone is also known as America/Los_Angeles. As of the last time this page was loaded, the current time is 1:11am.

When did 714 area code start?

The area code was introduced in California in 1951 as a spin off from the 213 area code. In 1982 the 619 area code was split from the 71-Four. In 1992 the 909 area code was split from the 714. The 949 area code was split from the 714 in April 1998.

What area code is 714 in Canada?

Area code 714 is located in California and covers Anaheim, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Orange, and Fullerton.

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As of August 2008, customers with the Area Code 714 should always dial 1 + area code + seven-digit number when making a call.

This change in dialing was approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) as part of an overlay for the 714 code to accommodate the need for more phone numbers.

The newer 657 area code serves customers in the same geographic region as the Area Code 714, which is primarily located in Orange County, and is used by telephone customers in Anaheim, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Orange, Santa Ana , La Palma, Yorba Linda and other cities.

Remember, all calls made within the area code or 657 must be completed by always dialing 1 + area code + seven-digit number, except for three-digit calls such as 911, 411, or 611. For more information, contact your local. telephone service provider.


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