5 Ways to Optimize Content

5 Ways to Optimize Content

5 Ways to Optimize Content

Successful companies are 40 percent more likely to have a content marketing strategy on record. So, if you have a business, then it’s key that you adopt a content strategy to make sure your business succeeds. Because if you don’t optimize content, then your competitors could overshadow your business.

So if you’re looking for ways to optimize content, then keep reading to learn more about the subject. 

1. Give Your Target Audience the Content They Want

This may seem like an obvious marketing strategy, but making content that is relevant to your target audience can be harder than you’d think.

In the past, content marketers have focused on stuffing content with keywords to appease search engines like Google. Yet Google has recently begun to use artificial intelligence to improve its ability to understand natural language. As a result, Google now views content overflowing with keywords to be unnatural and ranks that content lower.

Along with keeping your content from seeming unnatural, providing relevant content also increases your chances of getting likes or shares. 

2. Optimize Your Content for Mobile

50 percent of Google’s web traffic comes from mobile searches, and that number is only growing. So, if your content isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, then you could be missing out on new customers. 

3. Use Keywords to Your Advantage 

Providing your target audience is more relevant than incorporating keywords. Yet, keywords still play a key role in any effective content strategy.

The general recommendation is to use your primary keyword three to five times per 1,000 words of text. Anything more could start looking like keyword stuffing to search engines, resulting in lower rankings. 

4. Make the Most of Internal Links 

Using internal links is a versatile content strategy. It fulfills many purposes, the primary being that internal links keep people on your website longer. 

5. Track Your Performance With Google Analytics

Although you may use Google Analytics, you may not be tracking the right performance metrics. In other words, you could be tracking performance metrics that don’t give you relevant information about your business.

As a rule of thumb, track metrics such as bounce rates and time spent on your website. The data you gather from these metrics will help you fine-tune your content marketing strategy in the long run. 

Outsource Your Content Writing

You don’t have to take on optimizing your business’s content on your own. Rather, you can hire a content writer to do so for you.

But, when you trust someone outside of your company with such a task, you want to make sure that you’re getting the quality content that you’re paying for. That is why understanding contractor SEO services are key to finding the most suitable candidates to meet your content writing needs. 

Optimize Content to Best Reach Your Audience

When you optimize content, you increase the chances of that content reaching your target audience. This is a large undertaking for one person, which is why you may consider outsourcing your content writer to a contractor. 

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